Unreal engine video memory error at startup pls help save me


I’d try a reboot…

You either have to upgrade Windows or you GPU if you want DX12.

thanks that helped but imma getting another error like dx12 is not supported on this system

pls help

Which version of windows do you have, and what is your GPU?

bruh but i am already using dx12

windows 10 and gpu nvdia gt 555m and integrated graphics with intel i7 2360qm intel graphics 3000

Your video card only supports DX12 up to feature level is only 11_0. Has it ever worked?

Another possibility is UE4 is trying to use the onboard card. You might be able to switch that in the NVIDIA control panel.

Make sure you’re using the latest GPU drivers.

kk i wil try

kk i will try bruh