Unreal engine version migation

Hey. I’ve recently started a project in u4 and probably i will took more then a year to finish it. I want to ask to old developers if is it possible to migrate a project between version and of course use the new graphics design of the most recent version.
I mean… If i start a project in unreal 3 and then migrate it to unreal 4… This project will assume the new graphic textures?

There isn’t any compatibility between projects started in UE3/UDK and UE4, aside from them being able to use the same source files for art assets.

So I guess you probably mean versions of UE4, like 4.12, .4.14 etc.? In which case yes you can migrate, though some things may be broken. This is usually more a problem when you are using C++ or have large complex Blueprints, but generally there won’t be anything stopping you migrating with a bit of effort. The larger the gap between versions the more likely you will encounter problems with deprecated functions and nodes etc. Another problem is plugins not being compatible.

We have a project that we started in 4.4 and have moved successfully to 4.9, then to 4.14, with a little bit of effort each time to conform to changing workflows.

Ue3 to ue4 can be a massive job, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to migrate an outdoor landscape and it just fell apart for me nothing went in straightforwardly, it might be a a safer bet to start from scratch in a specific version of ue4

I just tried transitioning a 4.9 project (which I started around a year ago) over to 4.14 and a lot of things broke. It is a 100% blueprint project.

1.Animations seemed to be completely messed up.
2.Some weird physics problems when players used my teleporters. The teleporter would just get shot infinitely far away for some reason.
3.Lots of blueprints nodes needed inputs that weren’t required before. (ai move to required a ai controller input for example) Events that didn’t count as ‘infinite loops’ before, now did and had to be changed a bit.
4.My pause screen/widgets seemed to be broken sometimes. Hiding/showing the cursor as menus opened for example was very messy and sometimes wouldn’t work at all.
5. Some of my variables were no longer getting saved/loaded correctly from my save blueprint. (such as arrays of collectibles that had been picked up)

I didn’t bother testing out the network features of my project, this was enough to not be worth it to me unfortunately. I’m about to give 4.10 and 4.11 a try, hopefully fewer things will break.