unreal engine v4.24.1 freezes

hello everyone, i am new to the unreal engine and wanted to learn the software.i am currently on v 4.24.1 . but whenever i open the template (even with blank template with no starter pack) the fans kicks to the high speed and my cpu shows 100 % i tried to tweak the scalability settings to low hoping it would solve my problem.but the second i click on the low option the software just freezes and is not responding.i had to go to the task manager and forcibly end the ue editor to close the laptop specs are intel i5 8300h, gtx 1050ti ,8 gb ram and 1 tb hdd.i know that i have a crappy configuration but i really want to learn this software so please kindly give me suggestions that if it is even possible for me to run the engine on my device.thanks in advance.