Unreal Engine Store for UDK Suggestions

Hi Epic,

I’m a fan of your work. Thank you for giving us this totally amazing game creation software! You’re amazing.

So I’ve been using your Store and the Marketplace quite a bit as I design my game, and there are some features I feel it really needs.

  1. Mailbox & Wishlist:
    I have a huge list of items in my “Cart” that I’m interested in, especially if they go on Sale. I’d like the option to receive an Email notification (like on Steam) if an item in my Wishlist (or Cart) goes on sale or free for the month.

  2. Message Notifications
    Now I have posted questions on several different items in the marketplace and I have to check them manually - not knowing if anyone replied - seemingly at random each day! There needs to be a Notification system that tells you when your comment has been replied to in the Marketplace. Kind of a big deal. Is there one already? Did I miss this?

Thank you for your time.

Hey - great suggestions! These are all items that are on our roadmap. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: