Unreal Engine Level Designer/World Builder (Remote)

Level Designer/World Builder

Do you love creating interesting worlds? Have you got the technical knowhow and skills to take something from concept and make it a playable reality? Does crafting an immersive experience for gamers excite you? If so, then we’re looking for you! Afterthought is looking for a talented level designer to help us create some amazing worlds for our dinosaur survival game, The Isle. As a level designer on The Isle, you would be working with a talented group of programmers, concept artists, environment artists, animators, modelers and more. Each serving to bolster the quality of the game and the experience it provides to players.


Use design concepts and in-house assets to create fully fleshed out environments
Adhere to the margins of established layouts, systems and conventions
Tailor open-world gameplay layout with consideration to combat, exploration and narrative elements etc
Utilize all tools at your disposal to showcase the attributes that make an environment exciting
Use your initiative to make suggestions and proposals for the betterment of design, feel, flow and interest.


Extensive experience working in and creating landscapes for the Unreal Engine
Completed outdoor and indoor environments/levels and a portfolio showcasing your best work
Great with communication and can give and receive new ideas with ease
A firm grasp on draw calls, LODS, and other areas of optimization
Driven to grow, learn and output only your best
The ability to work remotely
The ability to adhere to a flexible schedule
Self-starter that is dedicated to uplifting the art of the game development
Landscape production in World Machine or similar software
Experience creating models, materials, shaders and textures a plus

Apply here:

Sounds like an interesting project, I was just looking at your website. Big Ark fan, here, so this is up my alley.

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