Unreal engine game development PC

Hey guys, I have a very simple question for you. When it comes to hardware what to use to develop your game with UE4? I already did some research before asking and this pc

should be just fine i guess, can you check it for me pls, if its alright and if price for the rig is real, because it seem really cheap to me… thx guys…

I have similar specs (slightly better) and UE4 runs fine so far. You shouldn’t have a problem, but depends how good quality you gonna use in your game and the size of your world. As for the price though, It’s way too fishy. Only the graphics card costs about 600$ in NewEgg which is about 470 pounds. I’d avoid it if I were you.

That seems like an insane deal, a $350 processor, $100 SSD, $400 GPU, (plus RAM, Windows, Case, PSU) for $760. It’s good for development. It’s probably worth $1000+ so it’s 25% off the costs to build it yourself.

thx for help guys, I guess I will search more for similar specs anyways, thank you.