Unreal Engine Game Controller Support Help!

Ok so simple question here. Does anyone have an xbox one or DS4 controller working with the engine in a Mac environment? I can connect the DS4 to bluetooth, but its not recognized when I test my project. What step or steps am I missing. I also have the 360 controller plugin enabled for my xbox one controller and when I test again it doesn’t recognize the controller in the engine. I did turn on the xinput plugin and still nothing. I’ve also tried using the Mac plugin and mimicking the 360 controller, this has worked in the past, but is not working currently. It should not be this hard as a Mac developer to test controllers. How am I supposed to setup force feedback, and controls if I can’t even get the controllers to be recognized by the engine. Help Please!!

nevermind false alarm! everything works as intended with 4.23 its broken in the preview for 4.24. I’m stupid!