Unreal engine Freezing in viewport?


Unreal Engine Freezes the Whole system when moving the camera inside the viewport ( pressing RMB and moving the mouse), or when placing another window on top of the unreal engine app ( email window, browser, etc)
there is no crash log file, because the whole system freezes up, including the mouse/keyboard, so a crash never really occurs, and i cannot even open the task manager to kill the application, forcing me to hard-reset the machine.
this happens every time, both on 4.1.1 and 4.0.2

Both the BIOS drivers and the graphics card drivers are the latest available.

Asus PX58D-E
Intel Core i7 960 3.20GHz
NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2Gb GDDR5 ( driver version 335.23)

Hey vfxmatt -

Does this issue occur on a specific project (or a specific level within a project) or all projects, and specifically does it occur on one of the template projects? If it occurs only on a specific project what is the asset list for that level that causes it to happen? Also the Blueprints in that level what if anything is the logic structure you are using? (i.e. Are you using any looping calls or functions?, spawning instances of meshes, etc.)

Let mew know and we can begin to track down the problem,

Eric Ketchum


Well it happens on load up of the actual software,we tried two different versions and got the same issue.
We starting to wonder if its not graphics card related?

So this happened when you are trying to open the launcher or as you are trying to open a project from the launcher?

Eric Ketchum

I am excepting this answer for tracking purposes, if this problem has persisted or returns feel free to post again

Thank You

Eric Ketchum