Unreal engine for tennis game


I would like to make a tennis game. I’ve been coding C++ for more than 15 years, but always in commercial/real time apps.
Only made some small 2d projects in pre-directx era.
I know it will be a hard/long way, but I’m first trying to decide the right game engine, which should be unity… or unreal.

Is unreal really too much for a tennis game ? I would stick to the engine that gives me the best tools for making good quality animations.

You’ll always be better off using the proper software for creating animations, which Unreal and Unity are not. I wouldn’t say that Unreal is ‘overkill’ for a Tennis game, I think they could be a good match. There are certainly some games of similar nature you can see that are made in Unreal Engine, such as Pool Nation FX.

Thanks for the reply…

And yes… I know I will need to learn and work with soft like makehuman , maya / blender , etc.
I hope at least I don’t have to write my own physics coding. (Don’t know if unreal engine builtin physics will be good enough for this… I want as real tennis ball physics as possible)

I think either Unity or Unreal will be Ok for your game. I would give the edge to Unity if you are planning to make a mobile port someday, as their APK files seem to be smaller and Unity runs better on lower-end software. If you are thinking about Desktop, it doesnt make a difference.

IMO, Unreal gives you more tools out of the box (included for free) than Unity and you can code directly in C++ for custom physics (if needed).

I would go Unreal if you are doing this game for Desktop, Unity if Mobile.