Unreal Engine editor wont open and now i cant install it!

I’ve had unreal engine for almost a month now and suddenly unreal engine wont launch…
I launch the unreal engine launcher and press the “launch” button. It says busy like always and then absolutely nothing happens. The button returns to normal but the editor wont launch! After trying relaunching the pc i decided to reinstall the engine. I uninstalled the game and downloaded the installer.
I launched the installer and now the window pops up saying "Invalid drive: F:".

Any ideas?

fixed the invalid drive problem and reinstalled the engine.
the first problem is still here.

Hi Dayskii,

Sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Can I please ask you to make a post for this over on the AnswerHub in the Installation & Setup section? This will help us to track and address the issue easier.

In the post, please be sure to let us know what operating system you are on, where the engine is installed to, and if anything changed on your system when this issue began.

Thank you.