Unreal Engine - Creating and rendering hair strands in Unreal Engine.

I believe there are some major new features coming to Unreal Engine in regards to hair generation. I would like to know more about this topic. Is there any documents and or references that can be supplied here in the forum for creating individual hair strand instances in Unreal Engine?

I believe all that is needed to supply is guide curves and Unreal can instance hair strands.


I would wait for the release of 4.24.0 and the corresponding updates of the documentation.

In the mean time here is a short description from the preview release note:
We have experimental support for hair rendering and simulation. In 4.24, you’ll be able to import your Alembic (.abc) groom from an external DCC application, create and setup your hair using the Groom component in UE4, Author and Edit your Material in UE4, and use Niagara to set up hair physics with some adjustable settings.