Unreal Engine crashes upon Lidar import


I am trying to import Lidar data into Unreal Engine 4.25 (and for testing purposes in 4.24), but anything bigger than ~90GB crashes Unreal Engine.

The file extension doesn’t matter; pts, .las, txt. Everything over ~90GB makes Unreal Engine crash.

Does anyone have any tips, tricks or help?

With best regards,

Bastiaan Veenstra.

Hello Bastiaan,

I am having the same issues with importing large lidar files to UE4.25.
I’ve tried to export the data multiple times for smaller filesizes, which works, but gives me issues with alligning the data since snapping does not work properly with pointclouds
Looking forward to a solution!

You might be running out of memory, also make sure to turn off some of the import options so things can go faster

Thank you for your reply!

Even though it’s a good suggestion; I’m barely seeing an increase in RAM usage when importing a pointcloud.
I don’t quite understand what you mean with turning off any of the import options, could you specify?