Unreal Engine crashes continuously

Guys, I wonder how this Engine is used professionally… it’s a very great and powerful engine.
But for me, power comes after efficiency.

I can’t make my project stop crashing. Every time I open my Blueprint Class (child class of a C++ parent class) it crashes. I’ve sent several reports through the Crash Reporter window that is use to appear.

Also, I tried deleting that Blueprint and creating another one. But when I start editing and adding a Box Collision, this happens:

It’s frustrating because I’m just learning how to use the Engine and make my own games.
Now I’m stuck, don’t know what to do.

I got free time to learn the Engine, and now it is having these strange beaviors.

Please, tell me how to solve this.

I upgraded to UE 4.10, but it crashes the same!!!


I have taken a look at the Crash Reports you have submitted, and it seems that there are three or so unique crashes occurring with your project. Try recreating/migrating your assets in a new project in order to see exactly which assets are causing the crash. The crashes that you’ve been experiencing seem to be project-specific, which is what leads me to believe that one, or a few, of your assets could be causing this issue. Once you are able to discover which asset(s) seem to be causing the issue, then we can have a look at exactly what the issue is in regards to that particular asset.

I eventually solved deleting the asset folder and recreating it.

But please, minimize the possibilities of crash on Unreal Engine. It’s very annoying