Unreal Engine Crash every time I hit PLAY.

Hello there.
I am a student from China.
I am using UE4 for a while already.
Recently I have changed my platform from windows to Mac.
Now I am using UE4 on my mac, however I encounter some freezes and crashes when I am using it.
When I open the engine, I can use it normally, I can edit the scene, edit the blueprint, but when I hit the PLAY button, the engine freezes and I have to force quit it, and restart, so I lost all my progress.

How am I gonna solve this issue???
Am I the only one who use Mac that encountered this kind of problems???


Does your Mac happen to be using an Intel HD 3000 graphics processor? If so, that GPU is not supported.

I am using a Hackintosh…
My GPU is GTX780 Asus.

Or maybe I should try another version of UE4?
I am currently using 4.7.6.
I am gonna try 4.5.1, the I will post the result here.

Also make sure to post your log file (yourproject-saved-logs) and that you post your problem on answerhub: :slight_smile:

Okay, I will post it there. :stuck_out_tongue:
However in my project file I do not have “logs” file.