unreal engine certification

I don’t care if you have certification, a bachelor’s degree or a PHD; when I’m looking to hire somebody, I want to see demonstrable experience that they’re capable of doing the job. A piece of paper doesn’t do that, that just tells me you can pass an exam. I want to see a portfolio or examples of work.

My personal experience is: No certification, good portfolio, mm… Got certification of Unity, NEXT DAY interview that landed my first job as Unity Developer. When you have a working prototype, you could have easily stolen some other ppl work and learn about it so you can explain it. But in a proper Certification or Exam process, you can’t cheat your way out of it. The day I went to my exam, we were like 20 ppl, and like 5 or 6 didn’t make it. Obviously when you have a great portfolio will get you places, but a Certification? Seals the deal in most instances. And unreal 4.7 and later is practically the same as unreal 4.22 and later, so that accelerated SDLC making everything obsolete maybe in other applications, but not here. So YES I vote for an Unreal Certification.

4.7 and 4.22 have some pretty significant differences.

As for certification, there’s (it’s not a formal exam with certificates, but it is something). Almost no serious employer working with the engine looks for certification though, so it’s really unlikely to be worth the time.