Unreal Engine and Direct X 12

Hello all,

This may have been asked before but I can’t seem to find the thread.

Does the current version (4.7.4) of unreal support Direct X 12 for us Windows 10 Developers that are utilizing Direct X 12?
If an admin can chime in and discuss how we can work with the engine and developing for Direct X 12 that would be great. If not possible then fair enough :slight_smile:


It does not, I think if you want to start working with DirectX 12 early then Microsoft has their own branch of UE4 for it, but I don’t know who you would contact to get access to it.
Probably best to just wait until the official release.

You have to sign up with MS’s early access program, and you’ll need a Github account linked with UE4.!107&authkey=!AFgbVA2sYbeoepQ

I don’t how restrictive MS is about admitting people.

Has anyone here gotten access to the Microsoft DX12 UE4 build?

Bump on ZacD’s comment and thanks guys for chiming in, good to know that i can stop searching for now… Microsoft is strict on their early adopters program :frowning:

Not sure how much I can say under the NDA. But I do have access, they are not very strict.