Unreal Engine 5 Lumen and Nanite with Virtual Machine

I am starting out with Unreal Engine for the first time and have been doing hours and hours of UE4 online learning which I hope to apply to and use with UE5.
I think that the Nanite and Lumen features are awesome and have a personal cinematic production I want to use Unreal Engine for.

The first snag I’ve hit is, I’m using a 2018 Apple iMac which I can’t change. I bought 64GB of RAM for it, but it has older Radeon Pro 580 Graphics with 8GB of memory. Not enough it seems according to the Lumen development video I was watching last night.
I can’t afford a new machine and have just learned you can get things called Virtual Machines now.

Will UE5 with Lumen and Nanite work on a virtual machine? Any tips or advice will be most welcome. I’m a complete beginner.

Sorry if I sound a bit dumb, I’m just new :slight_smile:

Many thanks