Unreal Engine 4 - Zombie Camp

Zombie Camp

**Primary Objective:
The primary objective of this project is to build a [complete] Zombie based game for Unreal Engine 4 . This project will touch areas of Animation, Blueprints(No coding required), BlendSpaces, Controllers, and Artificial Intelligence.

What’s Done - 0.3.2_alpha?
[li]Zombie Character[/li][li]Zombie Animations ( Idle, Walk, Run, 3 Attack Animations - Attack animations only preview-able ATM )[/li][li]Zombie BlendSpace 1D - For smooth one-direction animations[/li][li]Zombie Base Controller 1.0 / Blueprints;[/li][li]Zombie Artificial Intelligence System 0.3_alpha; Currently, Zombie only randomly walks around a NavMesh ( Random Points or Specified Points on Map ).[/li][li]Zombie State Machine[/li][/ul]

[li]Player Basics w/ Movement only[/li][li]Class Blueprints - To ease the porting of these game mechanics to your own game.[/li][li]Basic HUD System[/li][li]Zombie Controller Update: Melee Interaction To Collision[/li][li][LIST][/li][li][*]Zombie Customizibility;IE – Combat.MaxRunSpeed and other factors[/li][li][/ul][/li][li]Zombie Melee Combat System Update[/li][li][ul][/li][/ul]

Game now has a Zombie Entity following the player around the map, and attacking him when in reach ! Check out the new updates!

[li]New Character + Controller ( From “The Stomping Land” )[/li][li]Added Player Socket for Weapons/Props[/li][li]New Zombie Character + Controller ( From “Land of the Dead” )[/li][li]70+ Animations ready to be integrated into controller (for learning purposes ONLY)[/li][li]Zombie Intelligence Update[/li][li]Smoother Zombie Animations[/li][li]Zombie Controller Update for performance[/li][li]Collision Fix/Update[/li][/ul]

Known Issues
[li]Camera goes into mesh when Entity attacks. . . (currently working out this issue)[/li][li]Acceleration - Animation blend idle->walk->run is a bit choppy when leaving idle to walk. (Acceleration, and BlendSpace need value tweaking)[/li][li]Upon “Event Begin Play”, Character starts off stuck InAir for about a second or two[/li][li]Attack Animation needs thrust (for more realism)[/li][/ul]

Please show your enthusiasm in this project, and feel free to contribute to the development of this project. It will remain Open-Sourced, and 100% free to use (minus art assets, which I do not own. The art is strictly for shortcuts, and getting directly into the mechanics of the game. You will have to create your own art assets. I want to STRESS THAT THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL USES ONLY!

Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

[li]The old Zombie Character w/ attack animations enabled is still available! Just drag and drag him to the scene. He is located under “/Game/Character/ZombieFBX/”[/li]
[li]There are two playable characters! Just swap between them by going to Project Settings, and change the default controller :)[/li][/ul]


Download: Download From Google Drive

cool … d/ling now will check it out

Zombie Camp Update!

[li]Player Basics w/ Movement only (Integrated with default Third Person Project)
[/li][li]Class Blueprints - To ease the porting of these game mechanics to your own game.
[/li][li]Basic HUD System
[/li][li]Zombie Controller Update: Melee Interaction To Collision
[/li][li][*]Zombie Customizibility;IE – Combat.MaxRunSpeed and other factors
[/li][li]Zombie Melee Combat System Update
[/li][li]Simpler Graph-Node instructions for AI

Check out the updates, and feel free to make suggestions! :slight_smile:

Download: >> Download From Google Drive <<


–I will be updating this project every few days, so please keep checking back as more and more content is added!

Following the progress, can’t wait to see the results!

Will you integrate a full melee combat for the player? with dismemberment maybe? I’m curious to see how much can be done with Blueprints :slight_smile:

Yes, that was actually my next goal in Unreal Engine 4 (Combo System). I have not yet started messing with Guns much, as I am implementing a combat/combo system for both AI and the player. As for the dismemberment, I expect that should be rather simple to implement once the AI controller is at least somewhat intelligent, as where right now it’s very basic. Some AI responses + Mesh destruction should do the trick.

I am very excited to see the features of Blueprint. I have the concepts mapped out, and it’s very to easy to implement pretty much everything I have thought of so far, in Blueprint . Most hickups are easily resolvable, though can be a bit tricky at first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will keep you up to date!

Agree completely, my few attempts, after a bit of trial and error, were succesfully, and I was so glad to achieve those results without coding!
Man I love Blueprints :slight_smile:

I think you will be pleased to know then, that I just released the first update including a basic melee system. Right now, it’s not really a “system”, but, it allows for one melee animation ! :smiley: It’s definitely progress, and I plan to have a working melee system by v5.0. (Including a damage system).


  • New Character + Controller ( From “The Stomping Land” )
  • Added Player Socket for Weapons/Props
  • New Zombie Character + Controller ( From “Land of the Dead” )
  • 70+ Animations ready to be integrated into controller (for learning purposes ONLY)
  • Zombie Intelligence Update
  • Smoother Zombie Animations
  • Zombie Controller Update for performance
  • Collision Fix/Update

Check out the new updates guys, and please feel free to make suggestions! :smiley:

How do you INSTALL it into unreal engine 4? i put it in the unreal projects folder and i opened the project in unreal, and it opened but none of the assets are there?

Can you please update with screenshots? having to download a huge project just to see the progress… well, it’s a bit much.

Download link doesn’t work.

Downloading now. Is this still in development?

#downloaded to steal your zombie assets

please give a new link

Can this project move to GitHub ?

You should try and do something where the zombies roam around, but once they are in line of sight with a player they walk (or run) (depending on what type of zombie) towards them. Also i’m going to try and make it so if you fire a gun shot or turn a light on, the zombies roam closer to you. or come to you. like the walking dead.

New Link? please!!

Please download link doesn’t work

has discord

The link is dead. :frowning:
Please update with a new link either with Github or


Link still dead.