Unreal Engine 4 Summer Camp Instructor

Founded in 2002 at Stanford University, Digital Media Academy is known for its premiere summer programs hosted at 20+ locations including Bryn Mawr and University of Pennsylvania. DMA provides hands-on, project-based learning experiences in a broad range of digital arts, media and technology topics.

Apply online via to be considered for the Instructor position. Please include a portfolio link if applicable.

·Instructor: Leads and instructs specific DMA courses. We are specifically seeking candidates with proficiencies in any of the following: Unreal Engine 4, Unity + C#, VR Game Programming (Oculus Rift, C#, Unity). Courses run for one week each and Instructor summer schedules are dependent on how many available courses match the Instructor’s proficiencies.

Bryn Mawr: 6/19/17: Unreal Engine 4 Instructor needed
U.Penn: 7/31/17: Unity + C# Instructor needed
U.Penn: 8/7/17: VR Game Programming (C#, Unity, Oculus Rift, game dev) Instructor needed


Teach key concepts in a variety of formats: hands-on, direct instruction, group work and one-on-one with students
Utilize DMA provided curriculum and resources, ensuring an organized, fun, and rewarding experience for students
Teach with passion, structure and expertise while guiding students through the completion of a personal project
Depending on the size and scope of the class, collaborate with and oversee one or more Assistant Instructors/TA’s who will assist with group project work, one-on-one with students and/or a sub-group of students during the week
Take part in weekly staff meetings, to occur before and/or after camp on a designated day each week
Assist with set up before camp starts and classroom turnover at the end of each week as necessary
Assist with student check in and orientation on Monday mornings

Compensation is commensurate with experience, minimum $750/wk base starting rate. Apply online via All applicants must apply online via job website to be considered.


I assume this is a strictly on-site position. Do you offer travel / housing assistance during the duration of the stay?

Best regards,
Damir H.


Nevermind, saw the FAQ at your website. You should probably include that in your post here. Good luck!