Unreal Engine 4 Study Group

Horrible name, I know but it’s the best I could come up with that wasn’t horribly cheesy!

But I digress, I’ve been slowly learning Unreal Engine 4, not really leaving anything out of my scope. As from my studies at my current school in video game programming I have a good knowledge in a lot of subjects as in programming, modeling, game play design, level design and so on and so forth. Now I can’t do everything well and I do tend to lean towards programming more then anything else so I do have tons of questions that come up regularly when I am trying to learn something new with the engine.

Now the idea was, why not get a “study group” together? Maybe like a Skype group, or an IRC or something of that nature that is dedicated to helping teach and learn with each other? (I don’t know if there’s already a thing out there right now, hadn’t had any luck in finding such a thing)

What’s everyone’s ideas on this? Is there already a group out there doing this?

There is also a Skype thread.

There is also a persistent google hangout. If no one is in it, if you wait long enough, a party will start. Sign in - Google Accounts

I would like participate in this study group. I just came her from Unity, I stated learning Game development about 1,5 years ago. I am working a game and will bring as much stuff that I did in Unity to my UE4 project. I have a lot to learn and would love to study and share with others.

I’m from the Metro Detroit Michigan USA area.


AKA Venged