unreal engine 4 multiplayer info

hello everyone. i worked a little on replication and multiplayer on udk i want to know has anyone worked on multiplayer and network on ue4 c++ and is there any good sample and source for it or we have to wait? thank you for helping

The shooter demo has c++ replication :slight_smile:

excuse me for asking again but can you tell me where are these sample demo projects? does it work like ut or its diffrent? is there any sample code or blueprint project for android and mobile?

In the Launcher, click Marketplace. There’s Tappy Chicken in there which is the sample mobile project, among all the other ones.

and just one more question. maybe its not much relavant to my topic and i have to start a new but i think its not something new. now im just research on engine and learning and havnt started a project yet. when you start ue4 you can choose a project type. its code fps or blueprint fps or third person … . what are these deffrences? is there just a basic code or basic blueprint for them or project will be restrictedly that ganre. and which one is better? code or blueprint? i think certainly blueprint is easier to work like diffrence of kismet and unrealscript but does code give you more options and its more proffesional to work or its just the same? thank you for helping

Hi virtouso,

The primary difference is that the C++ games are built primarily using C++ coding and includes C++ base scripts for the character, etc. In contrast, the blueprints templates are primarily blueprints and create their base game and classes within blueprints to start. It is more a matter of preference and purpose. If you feel more comfortable with C++ please feel free to use these, however if you are more comfortable with blueprints and/or visual scripting these would be the option you may wish to consider. Have a great day!

thanks for your answer. but next question is if i start a blueprint projet and i found that i can do something easier and more effective on c++ is it impossible? there will be no code permission and in c++ code there will be no bleprint options? for example i know blueprint have been very bigger but still i think it doesnt support multiplayer and like udk you have to do replication coding.
oops i edit my post. now i read your post agin and got the next answer. its about basic code and blueprint. you have them both in yoyr project. thanks

You can mix both if you want. Just be aware that changing things from one to another is a bit of work depending on how much there is.

I’ve been coding C++ for years, but I do prefer using blueprints for game logic/flow, scene/cameras, or UI purposes (hence my interest in seeing Visual Slate Editor/UMG Soon™). I prefer C++ when there’s performance, math or very specific behavior needed.

So yes, mixing the 2 is very viable.