Unreal Engine 4 installation & Visual C++ 2015 Redis

Hi, I work for a school and I need to deploy the Unreal Engine 4 on multiple computers in multiple labs. So, using Novell ZENworks, I created a bundle that does exactly this. The problem now is that when the students log in the Epic Launcher app and try to install the Unreal Engine 4 they get stuck at the end of the download. Because at the end of the download the prerequisites needed try to install. And one of them is the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redis. The problem is that this prerequisite is already present on the workstation except that it’s the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redis Update 3 that is installed (14.0.23918). Which should be fine!? But heck the installer refuse the version and I try to install the 14.0.23026.0 older version. Then the students get the Administrator prompt asking for a password which they don’t have. So is there a way to fix this? some kind of workaround maybe?

Thanks in advance for the help!

You should post this question on AnswerHub as they are ticked and it’s a very specific question.

It’s hit or miss on the forums whether someone will be able to give you a good answer for workaround.

Hi mikepurvis, thanks for the help. I posted my question under AnswerHub.

Have a good day!