Unreal Engine 4 in AR?

I understand that VR has just reached some sort of marketability in the public sphere and that Epic has certainly been following this trend for sometime. Hence the dedication to VR Development However, the next stage in the re-creation (which might or might not include recreation) of reality seems to be augmented reality. At the moment, implementations of AR have been demonstrated using closed-source/proprietary hardware (Magic Leap), software (Google Goggles), or both (Microsoft Hololens). I know there are a few libraries using or based on OpenCV, but I have so far not heard of a graphics engine that supports, either in part or in full, AR rendering. It might be that the technology is still in its experimental phase, the solutions presented aren’t standardized yet (e.g. pixels vs. voxels) , or the fanbase of early adopters hasn’t sprouted yet, or a collusion of the factors aforementioned et al. However, are there any plans for augmented reality to be supported in Unreal Engine 4 if there are none presently?

P.S. And I apologize in advance if this has been posted in the wrong section as there is no AR section in the forums

There is a community created plugin for doing AR already: Forum Thread

I’d imagine one of the biggest hurdles in the short to medium term is CPU/GPU power and battery life inhibiting a large fully featured engine like UE4. A fully teather-free AR experience like MagicLeap or Hololens would likely have processing in the ballpark of a mobile phone, but significant additional processing time dedicated to capturing and understanding real world location and anchor data.