Unreal Engine 4 Film and Computer Question

This is a two part question that I’m hoping everyone can help me out with.

My background is in illustration/painting/3D sculpting (Mudbox and Zbrush) so animation is completely new to me. In the process of reaching my goal this year of creating high quality short films. I’ve been on the look out for the programs that I’ll need and UE4 has got my interest! I have some rudimentary questions about the software and if anyone out there does what I’m looking to do please feel free to respond. Your insight would be invaluable as I’m completely new to this. This film I’ve linked is ideally what I hope to work towards this year, something of this quality. The detail, lighting, proportions, color palette and rendering are catching my eye. I’m sure they’ve used other programs to create this like After Effects and lightwave or possibly another 3D program? If anyone has any insight I’d appreciate it.


I’ve looked at Maya, 3DSMax but I’ve noticed a lot of people being able to jump into UE4 relatively quickly and creating environments immediately. I’m definitely looking for something with ease of use and no major or too technical learning curve.

With that being said can I import high poly Zbrush/Mudbox sculpted models into UE4 and start rigging, animating and lighting them? I’ve noticed a lot of preset animations and environment models people are using that came with the program, can I create or import my own buildings and environments into UE4 for film creation?

Part 2.

I’m also new to the world of computers. I currently have a 2011 Imac that is outdated when it comes to 3D sculpting programs and multitasking. I’m unsure of the requirements of a program like Ue4 as well. In the past I’ve looked at computer builds and I have no idea where to look. If anyone can share information on what system specs I should be looking for I’d appreciate that. My budget is in the $1000 range currently.


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I think they made it completey with the UE4, 3ds /maya, photoshop (not sure about the explosion ^^)
You have to do the rigging and animation part in your 3d program, but you are abel to import high poly meshes. The light is done in the UE4. Yes, you can import your own meshes, textures, sounds,… into the UE4.


The Infiltrator demo is rendered in real-time in UE4. The assets are still setup the way a game would be, so it doesn’t use models that aren’t suitable for games. You would still need to make low-poly versions of your sculpted meshes and render normal maps. UE4 can handle a lot of geometry, but that depends on your computer system and what’s actually going on in the engine at once.
The meshes have to be prepared in your 3D program first–so they have to have their UV’s and be rigged and animated before exporting to UE4. Basic materials can be imported but you would build your materials in UE4.

As for the PC, for $1,000 you can definitely build a suitable PC, the most important components are the Graphics card, RAM and CPU.

Thanks guys you’re the best! If anyone else can chime in too feel free! I’d be interested in seeing more about the computer build itself as well.