Unreal Engine 4.5 broke savesystem made in blueprints

Hello everyone,

I’ve followed a tutorial made by Isaac about save/checkpoints :

It worked perfectly in Unreal Engine 4.4(and updates). However when I updated to 4.5 for some reason the save system doesn’t seem to work any more. However I’ve looked at the changelog of 4.5, and I really could not find anything that could effect how this save system works. Any tips would be great.

What doesn’t work:
Game doesn’t seem to register the player anymore. For testing purposes when the player crossed a checkpoint a small text was displayed. This doesn’t happen anymore either.

Main contents:

  • Blueprint
  • Enum level list
  • Player tag to identify the player

I think its better to feedback at Isaac thread on Save/loading. Last I checked, he is looking into it.