Unreal Engine 4 2D tools port on Android

Hi. What do you think of a possible port of engine 2D tools on Android ? For current devs…there won’t make a big difference. The main advantage of this is that represents some sort of advertisment for non-developpers. Think of a guy seeing on Google Play Unreal Engine 4 2D Mobile Editor. He would get it, then try experimenting. Blueprints are quite a powerful feature for non-programmers. On mobile platforms, there are a lot of 2D graphic softwares. People sometimes tend to spend a lot of time on their devices. Probably we could see some new games made dirrectly on them.

Mobile is not a platform that’s good for developing serious projects. It would take too much work to do and wouldn’t be worthwhile.

It would be better to develop apps that are like interactive tutorials that mimick Unreal Engine 4, such as making the user use a faux-blueprint layout to create a begin play > Print string and then explain to them what this would do in their game. Think of Rosetta Stone for Game Development :stuck_out_tongue: I’m working on something similar but it won’t be available for a while yet, which will launch with “So You Want To Make Video-Games?” which is another thing I’m working on!

Instead of giving people the tools that already exist, find clever ways to teach them about the tools to spark their interests!