Unreal Engine 4.27 on Ubuntu with RTX on?

Hey guys, i have a question concerning the current development status of Ray Tracing on a Linux Platform.

Im new in this but as far as i know, Unreal Engine is only capable to do Ray Tracing with the Direct X API, right? UE + Vulkan cant do ray tracing at that moment, right?

Is there ANY possibility to do Ray Tracing without a Windows OS?

Thanks for any answer!

Running on Fedora 34 with the nvidia 470.74 driver. Was able to create a project that was RTX enabled in engine properties. Could add post processing volumes, lights, and adjust their options for RTX though I could not discern any visual difference in the sample map. My graphics card was creating the same coil wine that I have heard before with other titles like Quake2 RTX.

I know this is not an answer that can point to documentation or a specific code commit, but the project seemed to work. Not familiar enough with the engine or tech to verify with 100% certainty. Otherwise give it a try and mess around?

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could suggest some debugging options for RTX that make it’s use obvious.

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