Unreal Engine 4.25 Dual Quaternion Mod (necessary for DAZ3d characters etc.)

As UE 4.25 has introduced several changes of the skeletal mesh code like adding of unlimited bone weight influences, I’m really struggling in changing the relevant code parts.

The original mod creator will not come back since he has not been seen active since beginning of december 2019.

So I’m inviting you to take a look into the relevant github site (AlienRenders), where the Dual Quaternion Code for “4.24 mod” is stored and discuss what to do in order to make it run with 4.25, because
a simple copying of the old code will not do it due to some new code parts, where I’m really unsure what to do…

What additional modifications are necessary beyond the changes he has done in the past?

This is the DQ Code for 4.24 that needs to be updated for 4.25.


If it shows a 404 error, then you need to link your github account with your ue4 account.](https://github.com/AlienRenders/UnrealEngine/commit/a1b5c0a00fec07027f6628be5fd69635f549eabb)

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