Unreal Engine 4.23 Preview

Is this happening in raster or raytracing? Because in raytracing I see that in postprocess if refraction is enabled in the Raytracing Translucency section, the over-effect in the materials appear, if unselected it is dramatically reduced. Let us know which mode are you using!

When i use the raytraced translucency and activate Refraction its way too strong, if i deactivate the refraction in the PPVolume the refraction is on value 1 and has no effect

Is your material blend mode translucent or alpha-composite? Mine is Alpha-composite (and there are artifacts which should not appear in alpha-composite in my case and I am not feeding refraction at all).

i tried both Alpha Composite and Translucent. There are artifacts too

I found that for some reason specular values greater than 0 affect the refraction in 4.23 P8. Can you confirm this?

Where did the HDRI backdrop go in Unreal Engine 4.23 preview 8?

It got its own plugin that you need to enable now.

Importing UDIMs works well but I’m getting an instant crash when trying to reimport via the content browser.

Am I reading it right?

UE-76520 HTML5 needs to be marked as to be deprecated in 4.23

HTML5 is being deprecated? No more export to web?

it seems like they dont develop this feature further, but i guess we can still export for HTML5

It seems that the specular has no effect in my project

I just got this with preview 8:


This is from the 4.22 patch notes (and I managed a build in 4.23 preview 6):

Fixed! UE-71558 Failing to load Windows Mixed Reality Interop Library when enabling the WMR plugin while on valid Windows versions
Fixed! UE-71625 Failing to load Windows Mixed Reality Interop Library when launching onto or running a package on Windows

Did I just encounter a regression?

I also get about 0.1 FPS when I play VR preview, and only 3DOF tracking, and when I press stop to get back to the Unreal editor, the 0.1 FPS remains until I restart it.

How are you using Mobile HDR on Quest?!

I’m guessing he’s not really, just testing it. Does anyone have an issues link to upvote this? Would also like to use render targets on a future quest project

Wow that’s a big update. 8 GB :slight_smile:

So I’m curious to know what this update was about? It still says preview 8, was it meant to be preview 9?

It’s the 4.23.0 release. (Restart your launcher if you still see ‘Preview 8’ next to version)

Finding the HDR backdrop really useful.

I see, I see the release notes as well. Mine still says preview 8 after relaunching it a couple of times. Maybe I need a launcher update as well, in any case, I can see the update provides a newer build number than preview 8 was.

UE 4.23.0 has been released! Thanks to all for your feedback and help testing during the Preview. I am now going to close this thread. Please continue any 4.23 discussions in the linked thread.