Unreal Engine 4.23 Preview

It means whenever you want to compile the engine from source, you need to update Visual Studio to 2017, since 2015 is not guaranteed anymore to work and it is not tested by Epic Games during development anymore. You can opt install Visual Studio 2019.

When you compile the engine, you must launch the editor from the installation folder used during the compilation process which is the one the binaries will be installed. These binaries won’t be launched by Epic launcher as default.

Your PC is fine!

If you are not used to compile the engine from source, it is really intended for advanced users, so you can wait for the UE4.23 release that all this trouble won’t be necessary. Chaos is very early preview, so if you are not used to handle bugs, during compilation or during run-time, I do recommend patience for the final release where things will be more stable and compiling the engine from source not be necessary to test Chaos (I hope).

Well thank you for a respond. Also there’s one typo. It should be “your” instead of “you”.

**Sequencer Curves **window suggestions/issues:

  1. Is it possible to keep focus on currently selected curve-track after Undo operation without additional Pin curve action before that?
  2. There is visual corruption in curve segment drawing after keys with Constant Interpolation (vertical parts of segment). I attached an image below.

Hi Nilson! You bring up some interesting thoughts.

  1. In your experience, do you see that expected degradation winds up being a common pattern with the Unreal releases, like Chaos will work good in 4.23, but then we can expect to see it degraded in 4.24? ( Kind of how we saw raytracing released in 4.22 and then looking to be degraded in 4.23)
  2. if no promises are given and we shouldn’t take for granted the availability of functional raytracing, users then really should optimally just focus on testing and reporting on Chaos for the 4.23 previews, right? (As opposed to over-complicating developers with raytracing reports that are not really ready to be addressed yet)
  3. in your experience, do you feel that the built-from-scratch approach puts them in a predicament where any previously identified traditional solutions won’t work, meaning a fix for opaque shadows will be even more difficult?

Thanks, as always appreciate your thoughts and insight

Whoaa… I need to perfect my english to not be misunderstood I guess.

  1. in general, degradation is not expected, but might happen in any development. For the subjects Raytracing and Chaos, we all saw things working good enough for us to believe that what we saw is what we will get sometime in the future, there is no way to fake things live at stage in shows. Developers are humans and can make mistakes, so while in “preview state”, you will see plenty of them, which are all usually handled fast enough before the “release state”. See, development is like an assembly montage in a car assembly company, so it might happen that there is something wrong at the shop floor which makes 1 in each 1000 cars to have a certain defect. Once you figure that an issue exists, you will study a way to fix that, but you won’t stop the factory or the loss economically speaking would be too high. It would be completely different if the ratio was 100 in 1000 cars. I used this example, because there is a plan on releasing features along the way, and there is also a plan to fix urgent bugs immediately and performance degradation is something important to fix, but not as urgent as a crash. There are issues that will be promptly handled because they will prevent the use of engine in development, while performance degradation is still an issue, it won’t prevent the use of engine, and by the time someone using these new features are ready to launch a game commercially, the issue would be probably gone already, since were are not talking about short period developments here for any project using the engine. Things we see in a show like GDC are planned, built and delivered within 1 to 1.5 years in advance.

  2. 4.23 is not just about Chaos. There are several other things under development in 4.23: Niagara, Virtual Texturing, Realtime Raytracing, Cinema4d, VisualStudio2019, and this is only what we are having access. They got teams working on features we are not aware of too, but likely to see in a show (maybe?). All things are here to be tested. I know I test all my projects against any new release to see if there is something is broken or not, and usually they are not broken.

  3. it is built from scratch because there was no previous work on this, we are talking about a new way of doing this realtime. There were no cards with the capability or powerful enough before. Every company which has their own engine, had to start replacing things in a non-optimized way just to have something working. We saw this happening with the few games which support realtime raytracing and they are few because again, this is something that takes time to accomplish. Optimizations came after. This is not how UE4 works because it is targeted to several platforms. A fix for opaque shadows is as simple if only thinking in the new raytracing method, but as it to co-exist with the traditional rasterized method, there should be something we poor mortals can’t foresee. Remember that the engine produces output to work not only in Windows, but also Mac, Linux, PS, XBOX, Switch, and while those platforms don’t have yet raytracing, any changes made in the rendering module should still work for those. Now, if you know someone which has deep knowledge in the old and the new rendering module and knows 100% of the new DXR API, please do recommend him to Epic, there is always a place for an expert.


We have just released Preview 5 for 4.23! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.23 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the original post in this thread.

Fixed in Preview 5

Fixed! UE-76130 Multiple ensures referencing SkeletalMesh.cpp when starting PIE session in Ocean
Fixed! UE-76056 Add deprecation path for ILiveLinkSource::IsSourceStillValid changes
Fixed! UE-77218 Packaged AudioQA fails to open on Mac, DYLD, [0x1] Library missing
Fixed! UE-68111 GitHub 5433 : Remove the incorrect use of ‘absolution’ from comment.
Fixed! UE-74986 CRASH: AUDIO: Crash when hot swapping the AudioMixer Off
Fixed! UE-77209 Reverb effects are not being applied to audio
Fixed! UE-78301 Crash when enabling legacy reverb
Fixed! UE-73336 No audio (in firefox) and nasty static audio (in chrome) can be heard in QAGame on HTML5
Fixed! UE-77229 Audio Device isn’t Overriding Windows Default Device when Select inside a Project
Fixed! UE-78067 Match3 audio stutters nonstop and is unintelligible on low end devices
Fixed! UE-78396 Unexpected OGG Files found in Binary build
Fixed! UE-68957 Crash exiting PIE after running Functional Tests in AnimationSharing map - Assertion failed: GEngine->GameViewport && GEngine->GameViewport->GetGameViewport()
Fixed! UE-77756 Packaged Game Ensure Crash when GameInstance working with Async loading thread
Fixed! UE-68214 Cooked Animation Blueprint does not appear to work and does not appear in the content browser
Fixed! UE-76923 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!FArchiveFileReaderGeneric::Seek(__int64) [FileManagerGeneric.cpp:655]
Fixed! UE-78213 4.23 Preview crashes with command line arguement -AutomatedMapBuildUseSCC = False
Fixed! UE-77230 Packaging with Content Encryption specified but no Encryption Key generated fails packaging
Fixed! UE-77882 C4D Failed import meshes with only verts
Fixed! UE-77984 Datasmith - Error importing a GLTF file. “Could not find actor Cube for Level Sequence CubeAction”
Fixed! UE-78241 Crash adding variant set - engine\plugins\enterprise\variantmanagercontent\source\variantmanagercontent\private\levelvariantsets.cpp:54
Fixed! UE-78135 Material overrides are not reapplied after commit of an empty graph
Fixed! UE-78134 Ensure occurs when selecting “Execute” multiple times after node deletion
Fixed! UE-78015 SunPosition Plugin Assets Saved with Empty Engine Version - T_Compass M_Compass
Fixed! UE-77588 Datasmith duplicates actors on reimport when splitting models across multiple sub levels
Fixed! UE-78296 Dataprep editor does not remove all its temporary data
Fixed! UE-78247 Import window should not pop on reimport
Fixed! UE-78181 DataPrep: Actors rename after committing (_2 add to the name)
Fixed! UE-78009 Cinema 4D Cloner Render Instances
Fixed! UE-78102 Datasmith Material Reimport fails with no information writing to log
Fixed! UE-78125 VRayLight Material no longer importing as constant
Fixed! UE-78115 .udatasmith Assets occasionally fail to Reimport when Individually Reimported
Fixed! UE-78098 Multiple PNG Warning: iCCP: CRC error when opening Datasmith Assets into SME
Fixed! UE-78162 Forest Pack Entities Incorrectly Placed When a Single Object is used
Fixed! UE-76015 Datasmith CAD: Tessellation settings not accessible from Static Mesh Editor
Fixed! UE-77660 Crash after deleting a Static Mesh from the level that has been in Edit Mesh Mode
Fixed! UE-78068 Cinema4D - Material transparency will import with low fidelity to original material
Fixed! UE-78062 Cinema4D - missing text on buttons in reimport geometry pop up
Fixed! UE-78444 Cinema4D - Failed to reimport Static Mesh
Fixed! UE-78175 Material Instance reports invalid texture type error
Fixed! UE-77305 Plugins are not creating shipping versions on package on Mac 4.23 Preview
Fixed! UE-71800 UnrealVersionSelector does not support unique build environment
Fixed! UE-78395 Mac fails to package/launch, msbuild: command not found
Fixed! UE-75354 Need to send crash analytic data as soon as the crash report client is started
Fixed! UE-77610 Quick Restarting the Editor does not apply Engine/EnginePlugin Module changes and does not find changes after Live Code Compiling
Fixed! UE-77596 The First Live Coding Compile of a Manually Started Live Coding Console does not succeed: UE4Editor-<Project>.dll is not currently enabled for Live Coding
Fixed! UE-77598 When Live Coding Startup is Manual a Quick Restarted Editor can no longer Live Coding Compile
Fixed! UE-77440 Quick Restarting the Editor with no modules preloaded does not apply changes automatically
Fixed! UE-77398 Closing a Quick Restarted Packaged Game leaves an Orphaned Live Coding Console
Fixed! UE-77396 Live Coding console “Quick Restart” does not automatically apply Live Coding changes upon restart of a packaged game
Fixed! UE-78421 Creating a Plugin while Live Coding is compiled Fails to compile without a descriptive warning, behavior changed from 4.22
Fixed! UE-78293 Generating projects for VS2019 does not select correct platform/configuration by default
Fixed! UE-77669 ShooterGame MacClient fails to build - ERROR: Couldn’t find target rules file for target ‘UE4Client’ in rules assembly 'UE4Rules
Fixed! UE-77455 Syncing QAGame.uproject in UGS without any files synced in the Perforce workspace fails to build due to missing Version.h
Fixed! UE-78311 UGS Script fails on Mac and Linux - ‘msbuild command not found’
Fixed! UE-76883 UnrealVS errors due to using synchronous APIs
Fixed! UE-78221 Crash when triggering actor spawn collision handling settings
Fixed! UE-74501 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!StaticAllocateObject(UClass *,UObject *,FName,EObjectFlags,EInternalObjectFlags,bool,bool *) [UObjectGlobals.cpp:2309]
Fixed! UE-78238 Adding/Creating gameplay tags lists them in reverse alphabetical order in the gameplay tag list table.
Fixed! UE-78219 BP_Structures blueprint triggers Bad name index errors on open
Fixed! UE-78227 Warnings Occur using Blueprint Diff Tool
Fixed! UE-76630 AActor::IsDataValid should call IsDataValid on its components
Fixed! UE-77577 ShooterGame AutomationScripts are duplicated outside of the engine directory
Fixed! UE-77575 ShooterTest errors when packaging ShooterGame
Fixed! UE-75469 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!AActor::InternalGetNetMode() [Actor.cpp:3876]
Fixed! UE-78243 TestSession JoinFriend command crashes when executed
Fixed! UE-76195 Missing stripping of URL until “?” in GetURLParameter function
Fixed! UE-76714 Simulations/Fields sometimes don’t work/fire.
Fixed! UE-65177 Crash creating a Geometry Collection asset
Fixed! UE-77003 Editor crashes when selecting clothing for a generated LOD
Fixed! UE-77094 Noise settings do not have tooltip descriptions in the Fracture Editor
Fixed! UE-78111 Incorrect text for Show Bone Colors option
Fixed! UE-65974 Editor crashed when deleting geometry collection from the content browser
Fixed! UE-77496 Field Actor does not correctly destroy building in ChaosExamples_GeometryCollections, if the user doesn’t trigger it quickly
Fixed! UE-75639 Crash generating a Geometry Collection Asset from an actor with an empty static mesh component
Fixed! UE-76724 Chaos settings do not appear in the Details panel after generating a geometry collection
Fixed! UE-76368 Linux signal handler callstack logging does not work from other threads.
Fixed! UE-72544 Windows blocks an unknown program from running when running the Linux toolchain installer
Fixed! UE-75116 Silent install for Linux cross-toolchains
Fixed! UE-78233 Crash Opening Set Row Structure Drop Down list for a Data Table on Linux - SharedPointer.h
Fixed! UE-77948 Linux OpenVR 1_5_17 lib is not binary compatible with our baseline
Fixed! UE-76987 Warning opening any project with MacOS beta Catalina: Hard Max File Limit Too Small: 10240, should be RLIM_INFINITY, UE4 may be unstable
Fixed! UE-62828 Mac App Store compatibility: @rpaths that point outside of the bundle cause the gatekeeper verification failures
Fixed! UE-78057 Error Unhandled Exception occurs when Packaging for HTML5 on Linux
Fixed! UE-76951 HTML5 project does not open due to Assertion failure at open_audio_device in DebugGame
Fixed! UE-76520 HTML5 needs to be marked as to be deprecated in 4.23
Fixed! UE-72164 RunTimeError: index out of bounds spam trying to launch QAGame to HTML5
Fixed! UE-77913 HTML5 Multithreading doesn’t show experimental in the setting name
Fixed! UE-72092 Action RPG failed to package for iOS with remote shader compiling
Fixed! UE-75402 Python Error Spam while Packaging HTML5 on Mac
Fixed! UE-78032 Global illumination Postprocess settings doesn’t affect Reflection on Mobile
Fixed! UE-78328 Shimmering main menu when packaging Match3 for Android Vulkan
Fixed! UE-44078 Cable Actor not hidden when all layers are hidden in QA-ActorTypes
Fixed! UE-77601 Noise Node Fails to Compile With Voronoi Noise if Ray Tracing is Enabled
Fixed! UE-77710 Fullscreen Editor Crash when setting both IndexBuffers to False
Fixed! UE-77716 Material with Custom Expression at Vertex Shader Stage Does Not Compile
Fixed! UE-78422 Crash (FVirtualTextureSystem::RequestTilesForRegionInternal)
Fixed! UE-57085 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FGenericPlatformMemory::OnOutOfMemory() [genericplatformmemory.cpp:184] - GenerateBaseCubeMipFromLongitudeLatitude2D()
Fixed! UE-53352 DirectX Tesselation Crash
Fixed! UE-78045 Virtual Texturing causes crash
Fixed! UE-78353 Hit proxies marked as always allowed are not selectable when translucency selection is disabled.
Fixed! UE-76359 Crash (Assertion failed: !HasVirtualTextureCallbacks)
Fixed! UE-78095 Crash when refreshing certain module scripts.
Fixed! UE-75890 LogNiagaraShaderCompiler error when launching TM-Shadermodels on Lumin
Fixed! UE-78288 Niagara systems compile on load due to parent inheritance inconsistencies.
Fixed! UE-76081 Ray Traced Reflections Get Darker The Higher The Rougness Value is for Metallic Materials
Fixed! UE-75568 Major differences between the pathtrace view and lit view, causing shadowing artifacts
Fixed! UE-78408 Ray traced reflections look wrong on clear coat materials
Fixed! UE-77707 Show warnings when using a deprecated RHI
Fixed! UE-78158 Windows Default RHI Setting Contains Deprecated RHIs
Fixed! UE-72117 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12Viewport::PresentChecked(int) [D3D12Viewport.cpp:492]
Fixed! UE-74638 UE4 gives no message when running with -d3ddebug in dx11 without the Windows Graphics tools installed
Fixed! UE-75512 Scissor rect ensures when launching QAGame with ray tracing enabled
Fixed! UE-76115 Assert on PIE in TM-ShaderModels: GD3D11RHI->GetQueryData(Query->Resource, &Query->Result, sizeof(Query->Result), Query->QueryType, true, false)
Fixed! UE-77931 Crash opening a recorded live link subscene
Fixed! UE-78113 Skeletal Mesh blurry when restoring state in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-78059 Update Matinee Warning in Editor
Fixed! UE-75987 Sequencer - Cannot construct MovieSceneCapture object to use with RenderMovie in Blueprint
Fixed! UE-77831 Attach tracks explicitly save and restore transforms
Fixed! UE-78170 Crash undoing pasting of an additive section in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-78169 Crash pasting binding onto itself in sequencer
Fixed! UE-75853 Can’t copy/paste a component from one object binding to another
Fixed! UE-75424 Sometimes it is hard to interact with Rotation Gizmo when the Arcball is enabled
Fixed! UE-78259 Deleting track categories needs to be localized
Fixed! UE-77891 DetachmentRules is not applied when WhenFinished of AttachTrack is set to RestoreState.
Fixed! UE-78455 Undoing in the curve editor clears the selection
Fixed! UE-78443 Light Color track UI color is black until user adds a key
Fixed! UE-77148 A split reversed animation section starts on the first frame of the animation
Fixed! UE-77354 Non-editor-only EditConditions which depend on editor-only variables produce strange errors on load
Fixed! UE-77870 Assert deleting values from a BP variable String TMap to Actor Soft Reference - Assertion failed: LogicalIdx >= 0 && LogicalIdx < Num() [File:<>\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Public\UObject/UnrealType.h] [Line: 3274]
Fixed! UE-71917 Unloading MayaLiveLinkPlugin Causes Maya Crash
Fixed! UE-78010 Exisiting SceneCapture2D asset Transform sections are not exposed
Fixed! UE-78019 [CrashReport] FPackageName::FilenameToLongPackageName(FString const &) [PackageName.cpp:403]
Fixed! UE-78434 Converting Virtual Texture to Regular Texture doesn’t work
Fixed! UE-75403 Failed submissions should include the submission description in the error
Fixed! UE-78016 Crash exporting a destructible mesh with Morph Targets enabled, USkeleton::GetSmartNameContainer() [skeleton.cpp:1434]
Fixed! UE-78008 Closing an ‘Import into Level’ window without importing will make the editor unable to be closed
Fixed! UE-78073 Assertion Failed attempting to Flatten Sculpt on a Landscape with Landscape Layers enabled
Fixed! UE-78070 Landscape Tool Brushes jump to locations away from the mouse cursor while painting
Fixed! UE-78048 Crash occurs when creating a landscape - FLandscapeComponentSceneProxy::CalculateLODFromScreenSize
Fixed! UE-78118 Recovered changes are not saved unless the user explicitly open the recovered levels
Fixed! UE-78097 Access Violation after Disaster Recovery completes restoring transactions from LaunchOn
Fixed! UE-78076 Crash adding new director group to Matinee when Multi-User plugin is enabled
Fixed! UE-74779 nDisplay game crashes when Using Directx 12 Render API
Fixed! UE-78416 nDisplay asset warnings “empty engine version”
Fixed! UE-78423 Widget not restored on a Undo remove after a delete+compile, hierarchy of blueprint is removed.
Fixed! UE-77829 Crash starting a PIE session for Virtual Camera while an Oculus is connected - UE4Editor_OculusInput!OculusInput::FOculusInput::SendControllerEvents() <>\engine\plugins\runtime\oculus\oculusvr\source\oculusinput\private\oculusinput.cpp:197]
Fixed! UE-77464 LiveLink Controller stays unset for Clients in a Multi-User session
Fixed! UE-78279 Enabled Concert PresenceManager when in -game mode.
Fixed! UE-78280 Added a nDisplay module to setup message bus interception to sync across the display clusters
Fixed! UE-78276 Added a ResetToDefault option when setting properties through the WebControl API
Fixed! UE-78237 LiveLink - Assert using Interpolated Mode on Animation Role
Fixed! UE-78226 OCIO not working with -game
Fixed! UE-78123 Non thread safe access of MediaQueue can cause crash
Fixed! UE-78178 Log Spam ‘ImportText (LiveLinkSubjectName): Missing opening parenthesis:’ when using Evaluate Live Link Frame node
Fixed! UE-78228 LiveLink Deprecation Path - Special case where a source is not remove his subject before readding the same subject.
Fixed! UE-77291 MayaLiveLink Plugin and MobuLiveLink plugin are not built in the same workspace path with Visual Studio
Fixed! UE-78281 Fixed deadlock when using cluster events
Fixed! UE-78222 Missing LiveLink data view options from the livelink window
Fixed! UE-78295 Timecode synchronizer is too slow in its current implementation
Fixed! UE-78218 Marker Traces are not visible for Clients in Multi-User session
Fixed! UE-78182 LiveLink does not update in PIE after establishing a connection
Fixed! UE-78224 Crash with the color picker of Composure
Fixed! UE-78437 Add node comments for VPUtilities BP Spawn Nodes (Transient vs Non-Transient)
Fixed! UE-78452 Apple Pro Res - Update the encoder with the proper color science
Fixed! UE-78355 LiveLink - Bring fixes make on special project at Siggraph
Fixed! UE-78384 Need nDisplay changes from Quokka
Fixed! UE-76891 Unable to run BuildMayaPlugin.bat in Github Workspace, Cannot open include file: ‘maya/MObject.h’: No such file or directory
Fixed! UE-78277 Added command line argument to override udpmessaging transport unicast and multicast endpoint
Fixed! UE-77794 Disabling OculusVR or SteamVR plugins on binary BP projects causes packaging errors for Windows
Fixed! UE-77518 HandheldAR template crashes on device after multiple rotations, Assertion failed: IsImmediate() && IsInRenderingThread() [File:/RHICommandList.cpp] [Line: 1640]
Fixed! UE-78077 Editor will not load after enabling WMR plugin - “Failed to preload WindowsMixedRealityHMD.dll”
Fixed! UE-75974 ARKit - Camera passthrough is skewed (squashed)
Fixed! UE-75910 Lumin with desktop rendering renders black screen/debug info on Magic Leap
Fixed! UE-73467 Crash with Assertion failed shortly after launching packaged First Person CPP project on Oculus Mobile - Referencing SparseArray.h:86/87
Fixed! UE-78171 Package does not load using Vulkan on Oculus Quest
Fixed! UE-77549 Mobile Multi-View 4.23 preview regression
Fixed! UE-77456 HoloLens - Missing binaries to package for HL2
Fixed! UE-78449 Enable SSL & OpenSSL modules on Lumin
Fixed! UE-78450 Fixes for tracking to world space transform for Magic Leap
Fixed! UE-75160 Hololens 1 remoting does not connect
Fixed! UE-78105 Ensure occurs after opening a project with OpenXR plugin enabled
Fixed! UE-78167 Oculus Plugin Content - Oculus RiftS Controller - Roughness Mask not connected in material
Fixed! UE-78248 Crash when after closing the editor with Google VR plugin enabled
Fixed! UE-78249 Duplicate call to EnumerateExtensions during setup of OpenXR plugin
Fixed! UE-76506 Blank project fails to package for HoloLens with signing error
Fixed! UE-78120 Crash Importing a udatasmith the share the same name as the level …UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 2320] Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide

finally finish swap (reordering) for functions, event dispatcher, macros, interfaces in all drawings

Urgent heads up!

I have packaged a game, which was all OK while in editor, and all looked fine with a successful build in the end, but when running the packaged game, the simple landscape present was completely missing material (checkerboard only). While I dig some more, could anyone else confirm this? When and if I find some clue I will fill out a bug submission form, until there more insights are really appreciated!

PS: Used for test also, a package from marketplace with terrain and automaterial applied and it worked somehow. Still digging more…
PS.1: It turns out packaged will only work if you do a proper landscape material with layers, but if you apply a simple material (without layers) directly to the landscape it will show in editor, but not in a packaged game. I tested with raytracing ON and OFF, and the virtual texturing ON and OFF, the only new things which could be messing with it and in all situations the result was the same. Making a report with a demo project and repro steps.

RE: Chaos Physics

Will it support the Magnus Effect natively? It is sorely needed to properly simulate how spin forces affect the curvature and trajectory of a ball in flight (golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, etc). Here’s a quick YouTube video fully explaining the Magnus Effect with included video samples. Or just Google for “magnus effect on ball” and you will get pages of examples videos.
This would be a real game breaker for many developers and you can find many posts related to the subject on this forum. Since PhysX does not support this at all, then only workaround has been to mock up force effects but the results I’ve tried and seen are always less than stellar:(.


Hi, I am looking for any documentation / Information about the OpenXR Plugin.

Please Help


What about this issue Weird behavior with std::stringstream on iPhone XS - UE4 AnswerHub ? Will this be fixed ? We had this problem and need to build custom engine to resolve it, I believe you need to check allocators functionality for new iOS devices.

What we would all love to see at some point is true Async loading of streaming levels off the Game Thread so it does not affect Frame Rate. The heuristics don’t work well with VR. Maybe okay on PC style games where frame rate is not as significant but Mobile and VR just suffer horribly on Frame Rate loss. I’ve read about Fornite fighting this issue as well so maybe it’s time for a better implementation.

Also, while I on the subject of Stream Levels. A navigation mesh should be cooked into the level on level load or dynamic loading (clone and placed into the world) the navigation graph should be added to the outer world. Creating a seamless navigation map that is cooked. Unload would remove this portion of the graph. The only dynamics is adding/removing subgraphs. It’s a variation on run-time navigation that’s cheaper. Run-Time navigation is inconsistent when doing dynamic level loading.

Hello, do you have an idea of the 4.23 final release date?
I need THIS version for a project.

Any particular reason why this specific version?

In any case, make sure you have read and understand this information about new features: Experimental, Early Access, and Beta features in Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine

It seems like cascade particles are behaving incorrectly in this version, including in the content examples project. With a few exceptions they seem to either be positioned incorrectly (outside of the level geometry) or not display at all. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing, or is it just me? They seem to work fine in the cascade editor, but not in editor or packaged games.

Chaos. That’s the reason.

every machine we updated to 4.23 preview 5 has lost access to iOS binaries… is this a known issue? it was fine in preview 4

Anyone know where the virtual production VR Scouting tools are located? @VictorLerp

I tested them out last night at an Epic demo and I’m eager to play with them some more!


It is happening for me too, though I use Niagara. Non-mesh particles seem to move to some random point (not world origin) very far away regardless of the position of the particle system, however mesh particles are unaffected.