Unreal Engine 4.2.0 setup on default account Mac 10.9.3

I’m working on setting up Unreal 4.2.0 Engine on a Mac running 10.9.3. This is an enterprise type install that will be imaged on numerous computers. User’s accounts are built from default profile and do not have administrator privileges. When Launcher is installed in Administrators account I get 2 errors when logging into default profile:

  1. installation gets corrupted and launcher will not launch in default profile.
  2. After reinstalling on default profile launcher will launch but I cannot install Unreal Engine. I’ve tried all version and it just hangs and says ‘Resuming installation’

I’ve completely un-installed and reinstalled with no luck. I’m wondering if program needs administrator rights in order run properly.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hey VFS,

There are some known issues with using Launcher and Engine on non-admin accounts, and we are working to resolve them. I am also noticing some problems with install even if sub-account has admin rights, and I am looking into that now. For right now, Mac user will need to be in admin account for that Mac to use engine. I will let you know what I discover about sub-account with admin rights issue.


Hi ? Have you found anything about this? We have this situation with several machines here…

Launcher won’t run on any accounts but primary admin, currently, but since we moved install location to \Users\Shared, you can now access engine on admin and non-admin secondary accounts. To do so, navigate to \Users\Shared\UnrealEngine[EngineVersion]\Engine\Binaries\Mac and open UE4Editor.app or create a shortcut for easier access later.