Unreal Engine 4.19 Released

Also having this issue since 4.19 released, put a bug in for it a little while back still hoping for a fix :slight_smile:

Anyone know when the 4.20 preview will start??

It’s rumored to happen on July 4th

Is the dev team aware of a terrible hitching issues with 4.19 ? It appears no public issue tracker entries existing regarding that.


Seem to be symptoms of the same major issue, but the tickets look misleading.

I have been reading about this stuttering in various places and I must say, I won’t update to 4.19 or beyond unless this stuff is getting fixed. I may not be helpful for testing the engine but I am working in a production environment and can not afford to update to a new version only to find out later that there are horrible bugs that make working in it a gamble.
I wish epic would address these kinds of reports in a more public way and of course fix those bugs

Get more RAM to aid stuttering/freezes

I greatly appreciate your input. Unfortunately, following this logic, I would need to expand memory budget by 7GB for every hour of gameplay. I am not following latest trends in computer science, but something deep inside tells me that it is not right.

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]

2 MB/s memory leak, reproducible in clean project.

It’s not only happening at editor. It’s problem on iOs devices too at shipping builds. You cannot buy RAM there.

Yes, Epic, please fix this stutter/memory leak issue as soon as possible in a hotfix. An issue like this should never occur in packaged projects, since thats what the end user will feel and complain about a lot.

Is anyone else having a freeze (without errors or crashes) when using OpenLevel to open a level that has a SubLevel already loaded in it? I’ve been having these in a project since updating to 4.19.2. Will try to reproduce in a clean one, but it happens all the time when using OpenLevel. Debugging with Visual Studio also throws nothing. The engine becomes unresponsive, but in VS everything still looks alright (no error logs, warnings… nothing).

UPDATE: It turns out the MediaSoundComponent is not being correctly garbage collected. The engine gets stuck in a loop (hence no crash or any breaks in VA) trying to delete all objects from the unloaded level. The loop in question is at GarbageCollection.cpp::1017. Just add a MediaSoundComponent to any actor in the level and it is never destroyed.

**UPDATE 2: **I was going to file a bug report but the issue is already known. It’s a shame it’s set to be fixed on 4.21. We won’t be able to have sounds playing from movies in the level until then. Unless the game consists of just one main level that never gets unloaded. Unlike it’s said in the issue Description, it also happens on old audio engine projects.

I have that problem when I was using a splash screen with
the Oculus.

You just removed the splash screen and it was gone?
I’m not using a splash screen in my project though. But the fact that it was an Oculus project means something because mine is for Vive. Maybe it’s something with VR projects.

how do i install this update?

There should be a arrow next to the engine version of the Library tab/page in the Launcher.
It should also give an exclimation point symbol alerting you to the update.


Is 4.20p1 going to be released before or after E3 2018 ?

Since the 4.20 branch is now available on github, you can expect to see 4.20p1 in 2-3 weeks.

Any ETA for 4.20 release? :slight_smile:
I wanna start building my final game in version in 4.20 and betting on around July 2018.
What do you guys think? :slight_smile:

Around July 5th we probably have something concrete about 4.20.

I can’t wait to say 4.19 goodbye.

I cant wait to goodbye my prototype game over a mountain cliff :slight_smile:

cool… 4.20 will give me the workable base I need to move forward…

huh?.. did someone say wish list? hmmm… well, now that epic has reached the platform of the elite… I think I worry most about epic becoming a gargantuan 10-20 gb beast… almost like its time to start thinking of separate engines for specific purposes… like basic engine for beginners, sequencer engine for movie makers, vr engines for, well, vr… maybe buy mixamo from adobe and have a character creator engine… yup… you’ve become exactly what I saw so many years ago (smile)… happy trails