Unreal Engine 4.18 Preview

After speaking with the person who is responsible for the implementation of Visual Studio Code with UE4, he mentioned that there were some changes that were added to 4.18 that caused the implementation to become broken. At the moment, Visual Studio Code implementation is not functional. It should be functional in the near future, so please keep up to date on the next Previews for fixes.

Can you please fix this issues, for developers with GearVR current stable version of Unreal Engine is totally useless 4.17.2, please fix this critical bugs:

I’m getting this error when trying to generate VS Code project. I have VS2017 installed with latest update and Windows 10.

Anything special, needed to get it going ?

Is there anything I can do about this issue: Add a module dependency to NativizedAssets plugin - Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums ? I never got an official response back when I originally posted it and it’s still occurring in 4.18.

Hello Iniside, please refer to the post I made here about this issue: Unreal Engine 4.18 Preview - #74 by Matthew_J - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums


We have just released Preview 2 for 4.18! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.18 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.


Fixed in Preview 2

Fixed! UE-50173 Seeking is broken in ADPCM files
Fixed! UE-50053 Reduce log level of audio mixer debug category
Fixed! UE-49994 CLONE - SoundMix Fade Time not fading audio properly
Fixed! UE-49805 CLONE - looping sounds are, in rare cases, extremely loud
Fixed! UE-49673 CLONE - Project does not cook with actors containing ModularSynth component
Fixed! UE-49666 CLONE - Master volume is not applied on int16 devices
Fixed! UE-49665 CLONE - Streaming audio on MacOS and iOS audio mixer breaks.
Fixed! UE-49664 CLONE - Ajm decoder runs out of memory when running large numbers of sources
Fixed! UE-49662 CLONE - Source bus feature spams errors when running without audio mixer
Fixed! UE-49661 CLONE - Required API change to spatialization interface for google
Fixed! UE-49660 CLONE - iOS master audio volume is 0.0 with audio mixer
Fixed! UE-49659 CLONE - Incorrect parameter lerping in audio mixer
Fixed! UE-44867 Short SoundMix Fade-In and Duration Times results in a botched Fade-Out starting value.
Fixed! UE-49779 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_DestructibleMeshEditor!UDestructibleChunkParamsProxy::PostEditChangeProperty() [destructiblechunkparamsproxy.cpp:18]
Fixed! UE-50221 CLONE 4.18 - Severe lag and high ping during regular gameplay
Fixed! UE-49719 Parent Dominance is not reflected in RigidBody node setup
Fixed! UE-49650 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UModelComponent::GetPhysicsTriMeshData() [modelcomponent.cpp:674]
Fixed! UE-45970 Remove Box2D support
Fixed! UE-49969 Warning in BP function library template
Fixed! UE-49632 Console logging broken in shipping builds
Fixed! UE-49355 User isn’t prompted to restart the editor when changing Local DDC path
Fixed! UE-49051 Use the selected editor IDE for generating project files
Fixed! UE-46233 Disabling the Paper 2D plugin causes a packaged project to not open
Fixed! UE-49739 Editor Crashes on Opening After Deriving C++ Class from Another Class
Fixed! UE-49978 Notify the user if running Git is causing a hang
Fixed! UE-49911 Torus static mesh in ProceduralMesh map is showing LOD Level 1 at normal distance
Fixed! UE-48713 Vertex fog is disabled on several UE4 mobile samples
Fixed! UE-49783 Crash after adding an AI Perception component to a parent and child character
Fixed! UE-50082 Crash When Renaming a Duplicated Collapsed Node Graph With an Asterisk in the Name
Fixed! UE-49860 Grammatical error in Destroy Component function node
Fixed! UE-49811 CLONE - [CrashReport] UEdGraphPin::Modify - UEdGraphSchema_K2::RecombinePin
Fixed! UE-49795 CLONE - [CrashReport] UEdGraphSchema_K2::PinHasSplittableStructType
Fixed! UE-49608 CLONE - Editor crash on blueprint compile that contains edited BP Struct
Fixed! UE-47936 Renaming Parent component to same name as a component in child causes crash from child blueprint
Fixed! UE-49449 CLONE - Crash when nativizing blueprint containing MakeMap or MakeSet node
Fixed! UE-49718 CLONE - Crash undoing member removal from user defined struct
Fixed! UE-41542 GitHub 3204 : UE-41506: Prevent illegal characters in Node Graph
Fixed! UE-50263 CLONE 4.18 - GEARVR - .bat installs failing due to permissions when releasing for distribution
Fixed! UE-50198 Launch-on to iOS Fails with “ERROR: Couldn’t find platform name”
Fixed! UE-50186 Remove iOS ES2 feature level preview and quality levels from the editor
Fixed! UE-50172 Android O does not handle orientation changes properly
Fixed! UE-50138 Flickering occurs on Android with Vulkan
Fixed! UE-50137 Need to stop Android build if OBB ends up > 2GiB since device cannot use it
Fixed! UE-50098 Some files always compile and force link if any files in Launch module are checked out
Fixed! UE-50085 HTML5 lighting quality regression shows thick uneven shadows
Fixed! UE-50046 Need way to remove AdMob SDK dependency if application doesn’t need ads
Fixed! UE-49766 Rocks jump around the screen in Protostar with Vulkan on Galaxy S7
Fixed! UE-49518 HTML5: Very low resolution normal map in TM-ShaderModels
Fixed! UE-49143 Inconsistent virtual keyboard behavior tapping between controls
Fixed! UE-49128 Virtual Keyboard text field doesn’t appear if there is too much text
Fixed! UE-49121 Gboard and Swift swipe entry are not supported by Virtual keyboard
Fixed! UE-49120 Virtual keyboard number pad “kicks” user back to regular keyboard
Fixed! UE-49117 Chinese and Korean virtual keyboards don’t allow native characters
Fixed! UE-49112 Virtual keyboard text field isn’t visible after rotating from landscape to portrait
Fixed! UE-48948 Backspace on empty line crashes app (virtual keyboard)
Fixed! UE-47750 Android movie player doesn’t work with ES 3.1
Fixed! UE-43105 iOS Multiplayer LAN discovery doesn’t work
Fixed! UE-50225 Fix project thumbnail generation on Vulkan
Fixed! UE-50189 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalShaderFormat.dylib!FGenerateMetalVisitor:: print_constant()
Fixed! UE-50064 Dithered LOD materials flicking black between transitions
Fixed! UE-49993 Significant Frame Loss in Content Examples - PivotPainter2 on Mac
Fixed! UE-49983 VolumetricFogVoxelization.usf errors while ShadersCompile for TM-VolumeMaterials maps
Fixed! UE-49931 Fix crash on 11_11_10 formats
Fixed! UE-49927 Integrate mobile rendering Vulkan optimization
Fixed! UE-49892 Metal Desktop-Forward Renderer Causes Character to Blur
Fixed! UE-49869 Fix Vulkan ILC updates
Fixed! UE-49615 Crash when switching preview rendering modes on Mac with physical light unit changes
Fixed! UE-49537 Dithering on Materials on Map
Fixed! UE-49471 Protostar fails to load into level on SM-G950F (S8)
Fixed! UE-48730 Ambient occlusion causes dark smearing on light materials in Vulkan
Fixed! UE-48266 Automation tests failing due to rendering differences in cooked builds
Fixed! UE-49536 GitHub 3997 : Fix quad buffer stereo crash in Windows
Fixed! UE-50156 Ensure adding new section to transform track
Fixed! UE-49304 Assert in MovieScene3DTransformSectionRecorder.cpp when building Anim ddc for AnimSequence
Fixed! UE-49216 Sequence Recorder crashes when recording to an open animation
Fixed! UE-45905 Audio continues to play by just scrubbing on the sequencer timeline
Fixed! UE-50222 Suppress on media opened after track changes on Android
Fixed! UE-50086 Audio is slow mo in surround sound test video
Fixed! UE-49655 Crash when opening capture feed on PIE
Fixed! UE-49654 Assert adding TextureSample node to MR material
Fixed! UE-49528 H264 streams should be hidden until we support them
Fixed! UE-49524 Still capture streams should be omitted from the track list until we support them
Fixed! UE-49515 EnumerateVideoCaptureDevices() defaults likely unintuitive to BP users
Fixed! UE-50127 Zooming in on a texture causes texture to not be visible
Fixed! UE-50005 TArray Drap&Drop disabling using EditFixedOrder won’t work on TArray with UStruct type
Fixed! UE-49976 Crash undoing transaction that loads a level/asset
Fixed! UE-49846 Misalignement in Details view with the new Drag&Drop feature of TArray when element is a struct or a transform
Fixed! UE-49293 Text block blurs when its render transform translation is changed from default to ex: [0.0x, 2.0y]
Fixed! UE-50181 Arm Servers fail to build due to override errors
Fixed! UE-49891 Linux OS cursor location and in game cursor are offset with high DPI enabled on a packaged build
Fixed! UE-49862 Linux 14.04: GenerateProjectFiles.sh fails: `Path’ conflicts with a declaration in a child block
Fixed! UE-49765 Linux ARM server fails to run due to memory allocation error
Fixed! UE-49624 MessageBox doesn’t appear when Gamemodule needs to be build.
Fixed! UE-46177 [CrashReport] Assertion failed on Linux: SharedContext.hGLContext in OpenGLLinux.cpp
Fixed! UE-45141 CMake projects don’t set the expected compiler or debugger settings
Fixed! UE-42551 Building lighting in a commandlet hangs on Linux and Mac
Fixed! UE-42234 Spaces are incorrectly converted to new lines when the User Header Search Paths field is populated in Xcode
Fixed! UE-49261 Auto LOD generation sets material slots to wrong materials.
Fixed! UE-49858 Performance regression deleting multiple actors at once in a large map
Fixed! UE-49940 Locale not detected correctly on iOS
Fixed! UE-50084 Scroll widget into view does not appear to work when scrolling up
Fixed! UE-48579 Editor crash when a Breakpoint is added to a Widget’s Tick function
Fixed! UE-48385 Can no longer animate the root widget from a widget animation
Fixed! UE-49635 Linux: Failure to build LinuxServer on Windows: Member access into incomplete type ‘vr::RenderModel_t’
Fixed! UE-50170 ARKit does not adjust camera FOV to match device camera.
Fixed! UE-49955 Custom Depth ISR
Fixed! UE-49953 scenerendertarget.cpp fix
Fixed! UE-49952 Layer Canvas Fixes
Fixed! UE-49758 vr.HiddenAreaMask should default to 1 (On)
Fixed! UE-49386 Changing World to Meters scale at runtime disrupts HMD rendering on Oculus
Fixed! UE-49675 Audio mixer is failing to pump final render thread commands during shutdown, causes leaks in Steam Audio
Fixed! UE-48944 Decide what to do with media assets module on dedicated server

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find to the UE4 Answerhub in the ‘Bugs Reports’ section.
(How to Report a Bug)

Odd… Launcher saw the update AND downloaded, but when it was completed it still said Preview 1, not preview 2…


Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to test it in the next previews.

Restarting the Launcher refreshes it

Would someone from Epic take a look at this?: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/704751/tether-parameters-of-clothing-useless.html

The new clothing pipeline is nice to have but that kind of bug is rather annoying than anything else.

I can confirm having the same issue. I’ve made an answerhub post here

Between Preview 1 and 2 the Augmented Reality section of functions disappeared. Enabling the ARCore plugin brings back ARCore features but I cannot call the unified AR Line Trace anymore or do anything with ARKit. Anybody have a guide on how to use ARKit now?

Ack! I knew that… <grins>


I’m having the same problem here :frowning: … Does anyone know how to do without AR Line trace ???


Is the volumetric lightmap visualization working correctly? In an open world setting I see sparse samples at ground level around foliage and everything, and dense samples in the sky, extending beyond my lightmass importance volume.

This is great, and I appreciate the updates :smiley:

But I’d like to point out a source of rather easy improvements:

  1. Slope bias would fix weird shadows (I guess, I’m not an expert): https://forums.unrealengine.com/unre…tifacts/page4=

  2. There’s a lot of bug-fixing that’s been done in this blog and maybe it’s worth looking into officially implementing them? Blog : Coconut Lizard

I don’t mean to undermine this update! D: Most of the stuff being improved directly helps my project and I look forward to it. But I think the slope bias fix would be stupendously useful! And I point out the blog because (according to said blog) most of the fixes haven’t been implemented yet and are well documented in their implementation as far as my noob eyes can tell.

I’ll nonetheless test out the preview when I get the chance and see if anything breaks.

Edit: To be clear the shadows are an actual source of frustration for me and many others. I spent about 2 weeks of time testing out alternative lighting possibilities just to avoid the problem but I don’t want to put in the work that would be required to make my game in a flat-shaded style ala Guilty Gear Xrd and, as I’m not a very good 2D artist, I decided it would look worse in the end than the standard. The shadows are still bothersome, but with a lot of tweaking across a number of different areas (seriously. Adjusting lighting means adjusting a lot of values that are stored in separate locations and iterating) I’ve gotten to a point where I’m content.

This is what it looks like on models: Dynamic shadows artifacts - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

It’s really disheartening because it feels out of my control and is a clear visual blemish that I’d like to remove.

Trying to start 4.18 I get a message: “Error: This application requires a CPU that supports the specific instruction set(s)”!? :frowning:

What CPU do you have?

I have a AMD Phenom 2! Check link for CPU info:

Well, a Phenom II isn’t really the best CPU for using the Unreal Engine Editor due too it’s (compared to modern CPU’s) poor performance, especially in applications.
Considering the age of the architecture it’s no surprise that they might have dropped the support for these by using newer and more efficient instruction sets.