Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview

I was just going to ask the same thing… Any info about Mesh Decals?

Is media playback or video playback working on the mac yet or not? gmpreussner said he was working on it last week?

no AR support, like google’s tango and microsoft holoens??
I really want that, please…

It’s a same as on other platforms:

Restrictions are: project needs MobileHDR enabled and only PostProcessInput0 is supported.

So when do we get the live stream recap on youtube because most of us can’t actually watch those things. Mainly because twitch is broken on mobile but hey not your issue.

Thanks,maybe the outline effect still cannot be turned on mobile right?Since the material requires the scenetexture:CustomDepth node which is still not supported on mobile.So is there an alternative to show that outline effect?Thanks!

Seems in C++ the Procedural Mesh Component is broken, if you try to add it to an existing class or to create a new Procedural Mesh Component class (both via a C++ or Blueprint project) it fail on compile do a ‘FKConvexElem’ not defined class, can someone confirm?


Meanwhile i reported as bug on answerhub here.

Was there anything in the stream related to mesh decals?

No but it was mentioned in the Twitch stream thread by Mike Fricker (he forgot to mention it in the stream):

At least from what intuitively expected to happen it seems like the alpha is inverted on the new Draw Material to Render Target blueprint node. I have submitted a bug report with steps for replicating here:

Draw Material To Render Target Node has Inverted Alpha

Elaborate? Like, where is the portals of which you speak of?

Regarding Media Framework, is the desynced audio and requirement to use super short videos still there? If so, these are two things everyone should be focused on. I’ve been waiting so long to implement my cinematic cutscenes as it is. They are neither low quality nor short.

Does the VR template allow you to package the project to see it directly with the HTC vive?

Is media playback or video playback working on the mac yet or not? gmpreussner said he was working on it last week?

The 4.13 Features Twitch stream has been added to the first post in this thread. Or, watch it here:

Thanks! Okay my post is to short where do I go to learn more about the tessellation improvements?

Ok transparencies are still broken when project build to GearVR.

CPU spikes when moving around in Editor/

And frame rate drops and drops when in GearVR.

This is on 3rd person example map nothing fancy. no additions.

just posting my problems, i have not gone deeper than this so i can’t say what else is glitchy.

In 4.13 all of my meshes are importing without any UV data. Is there a way to fix this?

Is screen space raytrace detail soft shadows in this build? or was that 4.14?

Can anyone confirm that posing skeletal parts in Persona is broken in this preview?