Unreal Engine 4.13.1 Release Date?


 After Unreal Engine 4.13 release, I immediately downloaded and switched my app over to the new engine to make use of the new spline addition in blueprint actors. It worked on my android tablet, but once I released the new update for my Android game I started getting complaints that the game was crashing on launch. After doing some research I believe this is the problem, https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/482999/unreal-engine-413-opengl-es31.html  On the question answer an Unreal Engine employee said that the bug was fixed in Unreal Engine 4.13.1 which he said would hopefully release next week. This answer was posted on September 6th, it is now the 18th. 

 I would like to know the release for the Unreal Engine 4.13.1 bug fix update as soon as possible, the crashing on launch bug has been causing my game to get an onslaught of negative reviews and I want to fix this as soon as possible or at least know a date for the bug fix update.


No idea when 4.13.1 will be released. But can’t you roll back in the meantime? Usually it is not a good idea to immediately adopt a new engine version with released applications, before thoroughly testing it.

@Zack_McN as @Mogitu pointed out … it is not always the best thing to adopt a new version right away if you have an existing project. I normally wait for the .2 or.3 release first before I migrated my project.

This ensures we don’t loose development momentum and can adopt the latest version when it has had some more testing from the community. Don’t get me wrong, Epic will tests as much as they can but a few small bugs will always creep in, the Community are your best source of testing due to the varied projects and use cases … hence me always holding off a little.

Good luck with your project.

Like Mogitu said, you shouldn’t update your master-branch to the newest engine version without testing it.

-> Create a branch of your project
-> Update it to the newest version
-> Test it a lot
-> If successful push it to your master

I would recommend to rollback.

My project is currently running 4.11 and it migrated to 4.13 without any problem. But I have always known the ‘instability’ normally associated with the early version ie 4.13.0, so it confirmed when one critical test failed. Now I am waiting for 4.13.1 for a retest - hope everything will pass this time.

The engine is buggy with a new upgrade aint it?