Unreal Engine 4.12 Preview

I really like the VR Editor with the Vive!

You forgot to mention the new planar reflections!

Also the foliage/grass updates look good, but one of the major requests in the feedback forum from multiple people is to have 1) A start Culling distance (where everything before a certain distance is culled, and 2) A ‘reduce density by distance’ feature. This would help so much with setting up a better LOD system and performance.


Tried the -metalsm5 command line on mac and not longer get metal, it grabs the intel card with GL. 4.11 was crashing with SM5 anyway when I tired to use distance fields. Is it experimental still?

When you post the release notes for any preview, I always say “that’s the version I want, I don’t want anything after…” ! :wink:


Not activate the window cinematique viewport in the sequencer Version 4.12 (Shift + C)

Sequencer looks awesome.

How exactly is audio localization working? Right now it duplicates the asset. It’s actually duplicating any asset.

Any idea when this is getting integrated into the public source?

Which new translucent shaders are you talking about??

Just made myself a simple translucent shader to check out the new SSR quality for translucent materials. Which now actually works! Before the Translucent SSR did not work very well compared to regualr “Opaque” SSR

yeeesssssssss thank you

Ah yeah! I did notice that, even when setting “r.ssr.quality 4” , there was no change in quality for translucent materials! Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Not sure who decides this but can UE-28459 be elevated to an ‘important known issue’? Morph Targets still don’t seem to update in sequencer, whether or not real-time is enabled…which seems pretty important given the heavy sequencer focus of this release.

Great news regarding OSVR- but I haven’t managed getting it to work as of now. The OSVR Server is running, but UE doesn’t recognize that a headset is present (“VR Preview” Button is disabled). Also I cannot find an OSVR plugin within the Plugins list of the editor.
Note (I’m running 4.12 Preview 1 of course)


I see UE-29083! apparently it’s in UE 4.12. Gonna test it right away later. :slight_smile:

What are the chances of using VR mode with a DK2 and Razer Hydras?

This is still a known issue. It is not fixed yet.

Yeah I just realized, was too excited! but I’m glad it’s addressed now. Looking forward for the fix! :slight_smile:

So nothing about networking improvements :frowning: ?

…and it works in packaged?