unreal editor loading stop to 45% for content exemple or unreal match

The unreal editor loading stop to 45% for projects like content exemple or unreal witch. Can you help me please?

Thanks you,

Hi there,

The first time you open the editor it will get stuck at 45% for a couple of minutes while the shaders are compiled in the background. This can take anywhere from 1-20 minutes depending on your systems performance.

If you want to check whether the engine is actually frozen or not, right click on the windows taskbar and select Task Manager, you should see UE4Editor and 3 ShaderCompiler instances each using ~25% of your CPU % (that’s for a 4 core CPU, if you have more there will be more ShaderCompiler threads). So long as they are active, UE4 is still loading.

Just let it finish, this only happens the first time you open a new version of the editor. :slight_smile: