Unreal Editor keeps provoking NVIDIA driver to D3D Device Lost

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.26.2, stock, on Windows 10 Pro, on a 128 GB machine with a NVIDIA RTX 3090 running drivers version 471.11, connected to two 1440p displays.

Every hour or two of using Unreal Editor, the editor provokes the system into “D3D Device Lost” (the hard part, where it resets the desktop, restarts the monitor links, makes Photoshop crash, etc.)
Why am I picking on UE editor? No other program causes this to happen, although I realize that, theoretically, the driver should never allow this in the first place. Several programs do misbehave after it happens, not just Photoshop. Youtube Music Desktop, Slack, and a few other programs also tend to misbehave after device lost, presumably because the Chromium rendering engine they use has some problem with that, because device lost is intended to be “uncommon” these days …

Is there some known resource leak that can be patched? Is there something I can do to debug this? (I will try the latest Studio drivers, because apparently there’s a newer version now.)

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FWIW, experimentation shows that, if I disable the “mpo” registry hack (previously needed to avoid menus/windows becoming black after a bit of use,) then the “desktop crash / device lost” seems to have changed itself to a “loss of window sync and return” which doesn’t lose the device, and the editor can keep working. But it’s still annoying, and I don’t know if this just shoves the problem under the rug, to pop up as a crash/black-window sometime later.

Also, now that I think about it, this might be more a NVIDIA thing than an UE thing, because I believe I saw the device loss problem once in Cubase, which uses some 3D accelerated API to display its editor windows. UE wasn’t running at the time, so the finger points towards Santa Clara.

Sounds like what happens routinely if you crank the overclock sliders a bit too high.

Totally stock system.