Unreal Editor crashing while starting up(?)

I’m honestly a bit confused here, so my first question is, is 4.20.3 the beta version currently? I can’t seem to add other versions other than 4.19.

There is an issue with the launcher itself. It’s invisible when starting and I found a band aid for this; it’s annoying as hell cause you have to re-fix it after every restart. (different topic I suppose)

My main concern right now is that my EDITOR crashes, (not talking about playing Fortnite, just to clear that up). The project editor itself crashes either half way or at 100% loading. Got it to create a project once, then it crashed, after doing a verify in the launcher.

My GPU (gtx 1050ti) says it’s running the launcher…

Is this a know issue, where can I find people complaining about it or better yet a fix? /frustrated.

What info would help solve this from the crash? I always “Send and close” after a crash, but not sure anyone is paying attention to that, must be millions of them.

I’m reluctant to download that debugging “plugin” because my bandwidth is limited currently.

Currently transferring the editor files to my SSD to try it out, hopefully someone can clarify anything here at some point.

Thank you.

The Unreal Engine 4.20.3 is an official release. (not beta)
The Datasmith Plugin that supports UE 4.20.3 is in beta

Thank you for submitting your crash reports. We do aggregate and review results to identify trends. I’ve located your crash reports, and although we’re currently missing the symbols to view the full details of the callstack, I can tell you that your crashes are all due to DirectX12 issues, which will likely be related to the GPU.

You mention that that your GTX is running the launcher, but (if you also have a second onboard graphics card) have you confirmed that the GTX is also set to run the Editor?
And as always, it is a good idea to make sure that your driver is up-to-date, but also not on potentially unsupported beta versions.
And of course, there is the possibility that there could be some hardward issue.

Finally, we are aware of some DirectX crashes that occur due to a GPU timeout where an obvious cause is not currently known to us. We have logged this general issue as Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51650), and it is under investigation, but some potential workarounds are listed in the ticket.