Unreal Crash - UE4Editor-Cmd.exe

I have been adding code to my project for a number of days now and have been adding my own classes etc.

When I compile the Code it launches the editor so I can play the game in the editor. However, this evening all of a sudden it stopped booting the Editor and gets stuck on the Editor loading screen. I have not made any changes to blueprints or anything else in the editor, I was purely writing code. If I try and launch the editor from the Unreal Engine Launcher and try to load my project, the editor crashes during the loading of that level. I have submitted a crash report for it.

Is there any way to recover this without deleting my project and starting again?


Go to “Your Project Folder”\Saved\Logs and check the latest log to see why it is crashing.

Logic errors in your c++ code frequently crash the editor and the error report window never shows you the call stack (or never shows it to me anyway). The call stack is usually at the end of the log.

There are a lot of assertions that will catch errors like invalid smart pointers and numerous other errors. They will all result in the editor crashing. Fail fast, learn to love it.

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