Unreal Collaboration Scene error

After compiling the scene and attempting to run with my HTC Vive/Steam I get this error. This is with the stock collaboration scene with no changes made. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey ecramer,

This looks like a crash with the SteamVR compositor, not the Unreal Engine itself.
I’d suggest verifying the SteamVR files on steam and making sure you use the latest Unreal Engine build (4.23pre5) with the Collab template that comes with it.



Thanks for replying. I’m a bit of a noob with Unreal.

That seems to work now but for some reason it won’t bake my lighting. I recreated the scene from scratch using the new template. Is there a checkbox I missed somewhere?



Are the lights you want to bake static or stationary, and not movable ? Are these same lights configured to cast Static Shadows, and not only Dynamic Shadows ?

In your world settings, make sure the toggle “Force No Precomputed Lighting” in the “Lightmass Settings” category isnt checked too.

You can also refer to the docs available here >>

Believe me, it is worth a read if you want to do some archviz with baked lighting. :slight_smile:

Toggling the “Force No Computed Lighting” did it. I knew there was a check box I was missing.

hanks for the link. I have watched the lighting videos on the Design Studio portal but haven’t combed through the documentation. I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks again.