Unreal cannot handle 8k textures

Whenever I try to use a 8k texture, my system locks up showing 100% memory usage. In this stage, is unreal still running? Will the texture eventually load if I wait for a couple of hrs?

I heard that skyrim uses 4k and 8k textures. Does Skyrim stand for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim cause I’ve played on my current computer without facing any fps drop or high mem usage. So then why cant my unreal load 8k or even 4k textures in my computer?


If you opened the project for the first time and it contains a texture with big resolution, then you need to wait for a while, because UE4 creates a cache and mipmap for all textures. After that you need to close the editor and reopen the project again, to enable a stream mode for large textures.

P.S.: UE4 can handle textures with resolutions up to 16 k, but you need have a very powerful graphics card and a lot of memory.

Yes I can wait but the problem is that my ram is too low so my ram usage shows 100 % percent when I try to load an 8k texture and then my whole system locks up. I cant do anything just as explained here