Unreal built from source from 5.0.3-release, but can't share my game binaries with people using prebuilt 5.0.3

I built UE from source from 5.0.3-release branch.

My uproject file looks like

	"FileVersion": 3,
	"EngineAssociation": "{8205E915-4ED1-3500-65FC-489334230252}",
	"Category": "",

I built binaries for my game, they are in Binaries/Win64, I share them with other people. But they have 5.0.3 downloaded via Epic Games launcher, and they can’t open my project, as Unreal says binaries were built using another version and need to be rebuilt. I can’t share 200gb of my unreal or make other people build it from source too. What should I do?

If both the engines are 5.0.3, build or from epic launcher, you can right click .uproject and change unreal engine version. That will generate unreal engine project files and binaries. You might need visual studio in cases. Hope that helps.

But I can’t change my ue game version as I will need to build a dedicated server, and it’s possible only with Unreal built from source code.

Or you mean I need to install prebuilt, copypaste my project for another version and rebuild it, and any changes should still be compatible with my source built ue?

Yes you are right. You do need source build for dedicated. But you can still run the project on launcher version. Also you do not have to get the engine. The person who you have sent to can change the version and that will be compatible. Binaries and intermediates are regenerateable. You might require to do some handling for dedicated server or not but over all this should make life easy.

In case you have massive changes done to the engine itself other then the dedicated server part, then everyone will require to have same engine version as you.


Yeah, but people I share it with are not programmers and can’t compile, so I’ll have to install the same prebuilt version and build there. But thank you anyway.

Generally the setup is only once. For me, everyone who is part of team we do the setup for them and tell them basic steps on how to execute. It make workflow very easy. if they are not adding anything to the project itself, then it’s better to send build. Anywho, I wish you all the best.