Unreal Build Tool/Unreal Header Tool Circular Dependencies


I am trying to edit the Unreal Swarm Agent Tool to build HLOD Game Data across a computer network, just as it does with Lighting Game Data aka “Lightmass”.

Has anyone done this before or something like it?

The functionality for this seems to be in the Unreal Module “HierarchicalLODUtilities”.

And that in turn depends on the Unreal Module “Engine”.

But there are a lot of circular dependencies, between the Unreal Module “Engine” and others such as “Slate”, “SlateCore”, “UMG”, “UnrealEd”, which are used by the Unreal Editor to present a User Interface.

However these are unnecessary for the Unreal Lightmass Tool which builds the Lighting Game Data which is used by the Unreal Swarm Agent to build the “Lighting Game Data”. The Lightmass Tool does not need a User Interface, since the Swarm Agent already has an User Interface for it.

Is there any way to remove these circular dependencies, build the Unreal Lightmass Tool with “Engine” and “HierarchicalLODUtilities” without “Slate”, “SlateCore”, and the rest? And without painfully removing the circular dependencies from “Engine”, and trying to recompile the Unreal Lightmass Tool, with “HierarchicalLODUtilities” and “Engine” and resolving the hundreds of Compilation Errors that subsequently comes up?

Has anyone done something like this before?

Any help you could give would be appreciated.