Unreal Android Tutorial Video Series?

Hi, a lot of people seem to be struggling to get android games out - I’m wondering if it would be of value to anyone if I (and others, multiple tutorials on the same subject are the best) made a complete end to end video of how to get a game out on google play from starting a new project

This would include

  • setting up virtual joysticks
  • signing your apk
  • setting up your google play store
  • getting google play games to work
  • getting achievements to work
  • getting leader-boards to work
  • in app purchases, and how to protect against forged transactions
  • a working unreal engine sample project posted to github

It will be a while before I could complete this tutorial series due to my obligations - I will take this project on sometime this year, but just starting this now see how needed this is.

Please reply or vote this post to show your interest, or if this already exists somewhere please post below