Unreal and Windows Surface Pro Gyro


Does anyone have any idea how I can use blueprints to setup my Camera’s rotation to work with the Windows Surface Pro’s Gyro rotation? Basically I want the camera to rotate when someone rotates their Windows Surface Pro tablet. Any suggestions?


I really can not find any solution to how to make the Camera rotate when moving the Surface tablet. No one has an idea on how this is done? Im very surprised as this is a useful way to navigate, especially in the Architectural Visualization world.

first you need to get the gyro data into ue4, setup input events and then link them in a blueprint or c++ just like you would for a controller

I did experiment with trying to get the gyro data into input events for the motion of the tablet, but its just not working out right.

If anyone has a solution to this I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps someone could write the blueprint and sell it in the shop? I would be willing to buy it!