unreal academy layout sugestion

It wouldn’t surprise me if you guys are already working on this, but the way you set up the academy content is going to get buried behind other content. Right now it’s not a big deal but will get worse as new content is added.
Take this architecture page for example, because you only show four of the available classes at a time I have to click the right arrow a bunch to browse through everything. The web design looks nice aesthetically, but it’s annoyingly impractical. Just show me everything and let me filter it like a amazon style shopping interface.

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to check out our online learning. That’s a great suggestion and yes we are working on that. Something similar to your idea is already on the list for phase 2. It will be a little while until we roll out phase 2, but constructive comments like these are helpful as we prioritize our improvements.

Lets us know if you find anything else.