Unreal 5.2, super slow

Hi, I’m running Editor 5.2 and its almost unusable.

I think my PC specs are good. Intel(R) Core™ 19-10850k CPU @3.60ghz, Ram 64gb, 64Bit op system, Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080.

I’ve tried lowering scalability settings, but nothing seems to work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hey there @Jamesbayley! Welcome to the community! Your specs are great, so I doubt that’s the problem here. First we need to determine where the issue is then we can troubleshoot it. So I have a couple of probes we can do to find out!

First we’ll check for bottlenecking of any sort (doubtful given the specs, but I’ve seen it.) but if possible, use a resource monitor of your choice to see if you’re maxing out on CPU, Memory, or GPU, or even if they are fluctuating quickly.

Then we’ll look at common issues, like high DPI or high refresh rate monitors sometimes causing some lag issues on DX12/SM6. If possible could you swap your RHI in project settings down to DX11/SM5 and see if it’s been alleviated?

Lastly, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, and also reset your Nvidia control panel settings to default. This can solve a great number of graphical issues all at once (if it turns out to be GPU related that is).

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Windows 10/11 right?

Perhaps the editor is utilising the CPU’s UHD Graphics chip rather than the 3080. That’d explain the abysmal performance on an otherwise quite a potent machine. What GPUs do you see in the Task Manager? What their load?

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Thanks so much for the replies, turns out it was actually my computer causing all the problems. After multiple trips to best buy geek squad, everything now running super fast and great. Thanks again, apologies for the time waist.

Hey @Jamesbayley! I also have an update from our side since we spoke on what could be causing instability. There’s a bug that affects some user environments right now in 5.2 that causes a somewhat hefty memory leak in an Epic Web Helper process. If at all possible, keep an eye on your memory usage while in engine and reboot the engine if it bloats too much. Sorry for the inconvenience! (This is also for everybody seeing this post in the near future) If you do encounter this issue, your experience with it could help get it solved! If you could, please make a report if you encounter it and have a great one!

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