Unreal 4, University of Hertfordshire

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Thank you guys

University of Hertfordshire, Tech Reel

3D & 2D Animation on its way and then we will make our new showreel.

And it’s that time of the year when all the students are hammering out their ideas, Connor Sheehan is on fire with his ideas, more to come soon.

Hard to believe this is the work of students and not professionals!

Thank you :slight_smile: I will tell the students, they will be happy to hear that.

This year has kicked off with the Unreal 4 Engine being implemented in full swing.

I thought I would show you some level 2 WIP shots, they have until after Christmas to finish it but they are much further ahead then they normally are at this stage. This is there first go at a real time project.

We have some great level 3 and MA project work in the pipeline, motion capture is also set up and ready to use and is working well, also have some great playable games this year. So ill be back to post that soon.



Nice to see UHAnimation Alumni at “RewindFX”]( doing so well and hanging out with Palmer Lucky and co in Las Vegas due to there great Rebull VR project -

We are loving the opportunities Unreal 4, Oculus Rift and other VR tech is bringing to the table. I even got to help them out on this project over the summer, made me feel like going back into the industry again.

Redbull Air race in Oculus rift made by “RewindFX”](

I love how a VR booth can fit into a few bags :slight_smile:

WIP project, due to be finished in May

And some students concept art for the environment artists to make.

Hertfordshire? ****… I’ve never come across anyone on the internet who’s from Hertfordshire! St Albans here, i was tempted to do a course like this but my drawing/modeling skills are terrible! :smiley:

Love the screens, good job.

At first glance I thought the second, concept art image was a finished 3D environmet. Truly outstanding -all of it!

Wow…Now thats EPIC!!! Props yo.

We are all loving UE4 this semester, so many possibilities.

Ascent -WIP they have a couple more months to iron it out and add lots of polish.

Would this course be available online to study? I live in UK but I’m in Wales

Wow…I need to apply. I just looked over the curriculum for the Game Art degree and I’ve never found anything of that quality here in the states. As a highschool student heavily considering this field this is deffinity a school I need to look into

Here is a little art dump froma degree project called “Embeded” they have a couple of months left on the project so this is WIP.

@ ScrotieFlapWack, we have been thinking about an online course for a while now but there is nothing concrete yet. We do have welsh students so you can all car share :slight_smile:

@ King Tum Tum101 - Thank you, I will PM you :slight_smile: I would say about 30% of the course is international from America, Singapore, India, China, New Zealand, Australia and many more countries. This year we have had 970 UK applications and 250 international applications for 110 places on the course so its been a crazy year for interviewing, still got one more interview date coming up.

If you would like to see any of the student’s entries for this year’s Autodesk CG Student Awards then here is the first batch, there are more to come soon as the students are busy adding those important final touches to their showreels.

Its great to see so many level 1 students enter this year, hope thats a sign of things to come.


13, Petar Yankov

14, Connor Sheehan

16, George Harvey

16, Daniel Bailey

17, Jordan Moss

18, Bill Chan


1, Jack Stevens

2, Bill Chan

3, Owen Fern

4, Chris Turner

5, Jordan Sewell

6, Zak Boxall

7, Mack Knights

8, Richard Moskovits

9, Michael Blanchard

10, Chris-Wright

11, Josh Thornhill

Level 6 student project - “Witchwood Hollow” two weeks left to get the project finished off.
Project by George Harvey & Chloe Price

George’s showreel -

Olivia is on fire this semester -

UE4 Mobile Phone/Tablet game


Hi, I am very interested in this University, for CG application, where I can see the prices, and is it possible to apply from other countrys ? I live in Moldova, is it possible for me?

Take a look at this link (there you can find all information): :wink: