Unreal 4 royalty fee difference

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it seems my first post was not initialized correctly.

I would like to know exactly when a company has to pay the 5% royalty fee and when not.

So far, if our company produces still images and movies we don’t have to pay a fee right?

So what about an interactive appliation?

As an example - a room designer for architectural presentations
or some kind of a car configurator?

i would really appreciate your help here, maybe you got some examples…



Maybe there is a direct contact in order to discuss these questions more efficiently?

The EULA is the official document covering when royalties are owed. Specifically, you should carefully review Section 4.

Production and selling of still images and non-interactive, linear movies are royalty free (See Section 4(3)).

Interactive applications are generally subject to the royalty. The next question is about the associated revenue. If it’s a custom architectural presentation made for work for hire fees (See Section 4(2)), no royalties are owed on that revenue. If it’s a car configurator on the website or showroom floor of a car company, no money goes through that application so no royalties are owed. But if you make an interactive application that is sold to the general public, royalties are owed on that revenue (other than the first $3,000 per quarter (see Section 4(1)).

Thanks a bunch for the information. This helps a lot.
I will check again the EULA and if there are still open questions i get
back to you.

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Hey guys,

would you be so kind to forward me a contact in order to discuss the royalty fee further?
There are still many questions and i would avoid to discuss business related questions here.

Thanks for the support

This would fall under the custom licensing requirements: Custom Licensing

There is a form on there that you submit to get in touch with Epic for custom licensing.